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Niall Ferguson: History of networks and power applies to Silicon Valley

Niall Ferguson, Stanford University’s Hoover Institution senior fellow and "The Square and the Tower" author, discusses the historical view of social networks and power, and how it all plays out in the technology industry.


Does China have the political view to deleverage?

Joe Magyer, CIO of Lakehouse Capital, says China’s debt is one of the biggest risks in Asia but the country isn’t near the point of deleveraging yet.


What will Apple do with its cash?

Apple announced Wednesday it was anticipating around $38 billion in repatriation tax payments. John Petrides of Point View Wealth Management weighs in.


Here's one view of methodologies for valuing Bitcoin

Benjamin Quinlan of Quinlan & Associates says his firm has put together methods to value Bitcoin, but many investors may not agree.


Bitcoin has little shot at ever being a major global currency

A predisposition to view them as speculative tokens in a bubble that has inflated more quickly than any other in financial market history.


The bull market is intact even if China cuts Treasury holdings

David Dietze of Point View Wealth Management says reported remarks by China on U.S. Treasurys may be "more bark than bite."


Intel just showed off its first self-driving car

Intel said its first autonomous vehicle has three high-resolution front cameras that allow a 180-degree field of view on the road.


Samsung's Q4 earnings view slipped on smartphones

Daniel Ives of GBH Insights says Samsung Electronics has to turn greater attention to sales of its smartphones in 2018.


Companies now view real estate as motivational for workers: JLL

Neil Murray, EMEA CEO of corporate solutions at JLL, speaks about trends in the modern work place.


Ralph Acampora: Here's why I'm so bullish

Ralph Acampora, Altaria Capital Partners, gives his outlook for the Dow and his very strong view that it can move a lot higher. CNBC's Dominic Chu weighs in.