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Five facts you didn’t know about the cannabis industry

Growers, distributors, and even businesses that are only tangentially related to the pot industry are in for a whole lot of growth. Here's why.

Source: CNBC.com

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons changes his tune on pot: 'I was judgmental, arrogant and uninformed'

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons may be a notorious straight edge, but he's finally changed his tune on the green stuff — just in time to step into a role at a medical marijuana company.

Source: CNBC.com

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons on the pot business

Gene Simmons, Kiss founding member, discusses his partnership with cannabis producer Invictus MD Strategies Corp.

Source: CNBC.com

California Gov. Jerry Brown's new budget says pot revenue is 'slower than anticipated'

California Gov. Jerry Brown released forecasts Friday that trimmed the state's cannabis excise tax revenues projections for next year.

Source: CNBC.com