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Poll: Which sector will see the most deal activity by the end of the year?

In this week's Trader Poll, tell us which sectors you think will see the most mergers and acquisitions activity through December.

Source: CNBC.com

Most Americans say Trump and Republicans responsible for any future problems with Obamacare, poll finds

Obamacare is seen favorably by 50 percent of Americans, and unfavorably by 46 percent, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Source: CNBC.com

Most voters disapprove of GOP tax proposals, think they help the wealthy most, poll says

Sixty-one percent of voters in the Quinnipiac poll say the Republican tax plan would mainly help the wealthy.

Source: CNBC.com

Health care played big role in Democratic win in Virginia: Poll

Almost 70 percent of voters said health care was the most important or a very important issue in determining their vote for governor.

Source: CNBC.com

The real truths about the hiring process

CNBC's Eric Chemi takes a look at the results of a CNBC/AP poll about interviews.

Source: CNBC.com

'Too young' Warsh reportedly blew his Fed interview with Trump while Powell aced his

During unusual Fed vetting process, Trump consulted casino mogul Steve Wynn and an impromptu show-of-hands poll of Senate Republicans.

Source: CNBC.com

New poll reveals ugly truths about job interviews

CNBC's Eric Chemi takes a look at the results from a new CNBC and Associated Press poll that reveals ugly truths about the hiring process.

Source: CNBC.com

49% of Americans think Trump committed a crime: Washington Post-ABC poll

More than half say the charges brought in the investigation so far will not be the last of it, according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll.

Source: CNBC.com

Support for GOP tax plan 'soft,' according to NBC/Wall Street Journal poll

CNBC's John Harwood breaks down the results of a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll about the GOP efforts on tax reform.

Source: CNBC.com

Trump tax plan has lackluster public support, poll says

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that just 25 percent call the Trump tax plan a good idea, while 35 percent call it a bad idea.

Source: CNBC.com