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A 'black-and-white' document on Brexit is possible in October next year

Guillaume Menuet, head, European Economics, Citi, says a path on Brexit could be hammered out by October of next year if the parties can work through divisions and meet the two-year transition timetable proposed by Britain.


California wildfire disaster could bring fiscal pain to communities for years to come

The wildfire disaster in California could bring fiscal pain for years to come to local communities in the path of the devastation.


Rep. Luke Messer: Tax cuts are our only real path to 4-percent growth

Rep. Luke Messer (R-Ind.) talks about rounding out support for the Republican tax plan.


Economic reform in China may not happen soon, analyst says

Markets will expect more economic reforms in China, but whether the Beijing government will pursue that path is an open question, says Nicholas Consonery of FTI Consulting.


Women face a steeper path to leadership in the workplace: Lean In president

Lareina Yee, McKinsey senior partner, and Rachel Thomas, Lean In president, discuss the results of their study on women in the workplace and what could be holding them back in corporate life.


Trump on Sen. Corker's comments: We were on the wrong path before, now we're on the right path

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on highlights from President Trump's press conference about tax reform and comments about Sen. Bob Corker and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


Bob Doll: The market's 'path of least resistance' is higher

With the markets sitting at record highs, Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Management senior portfolio manager, offers his take on whether or not we’re nearing a correction.


Top Senate Republican warns Trump's rhetoric could put US 'on the path to World War III'

Senator Bob Corker charged on Sunday that President Trump could set the country "on the path to World War III," the NYT reported.


US won't be able to pay down debt until growth hits 4% again, says GOP policy chair

"Our number one target in these tax cuts should be what's the path to 4 percent growth," Rep. Luke Messer says.


Among major banks, Citi is cheap this analyst says

Sandy Sanders, senior portfolio manager, Manulife Asset Management, says he sees US banks as good plays with growth on the upswing and a mild path of rate hikes expected.