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Trump and tech have clashed on immigration, but H-1B issue might bring them together

Tech companies continue to clash with the Trump administration over immigration policies one year after the inauguration, but they


Trump says Democrats are ruining his one-year anniversary as president

President Trump blasted Democrats for the first government shutdown in more than 4 years, saying it was a 'present' to mark his first year in office.


A blind Facebook engineer is solving one of the biggest problems on the internet: figuring out what's in images and videos

Facebook's engineers are using artificial intelligence to see images, which may be able to give computer insight into context of pictures and video.


Elon Musk invited 10 people who bought Boring Company hats to tour the LA tunnel

One invitee shares the letter he received.


Majority of Americans say they are satisfied with the economy at levels not seen since dotcom boom, NBC/WSJ poll finds

One in five respondents cited the low unemployment rate and recent stock market records as Trump administration accomplishments.


This is why nearly 30% of Americans aren’t saving more money

Many Americans are struggling to save more money and there's one main reason why.


The Trump administration has seen a lot of high-profile exits in just one year

Here is a list of the prominent people who have left the White House in Trump's first year as president.


Trump's approval rating is the lowest for any president one year into his term, NBC/WSJ poll says

Trump has only a 39 percent approval rating in the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, while 57 percent disapprove of his job.


Dow stock Boeing is up over 100% in one year, and some say the run isn't over

The stock's price action is making some market watchers hesitant about buying the name at this juncture, but say it could keep surging still.


The one simple action that helps self-made billionaire Richard Branson achieve success

To anyone trying to meet New Year’s resolutions in 2018, here's Virgin Group founder and billionaire Richard Branson's old trick to meet his goals.