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Winnebago CEO says people want to 'get off the grid, but stay connected' as earnings rise

Jim Cramer caught up with Winnebago Industries CEO Michael Happe to hear the latest on people embracing the "RV lifestyle."


Get ready for a 'tale of two markets,' says oil expect Tom Kloza

The expert who called the 2015 crude collapse gives his prediction for 2018.


Mayor Jason Lary: We'll rename part of our city Amazon, Georgia to get HQ2

Stonecrest, Georgia Mayor Jason Lary discusses his city's bid for Amazon's second headquarters.


Mnuchin is the wrong guy to sell tax reform

Steve Mnuchin's threats and gaffes prove he is not the right guy to get tax reform done, says Jake Novak.


Government report sounds alarm on retirement crisis

The General Accounting Office is calling for Congress to get the ball rolling on fixing the problem.


5 steps you should follow to score a job at companies like Google and Apple

The best way to get your foot in the door at lofty companies like these is by reaching out to someone you know who works there.


GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: Budget deal is 'in the bag' but tax reform is still a question

"Whether or not we can get to tax reform, we're going to see over the next couple of months," Flake says.


A loophole in the law may be one of the reasons guns get in the wrong hands

More than 33-thousand people die by gunfire per year, according to the CDC. Could this change by closing one loophole in the law?


Six courses that will get you clued up on fintech

CNBC has compiled a list of six courses that will help you understand and become involved in the sector.


Get ready for your every day Lamborghini SUV

Stefano Domenicali, CEO, Lamborghini, says the company will soon bring its "game changer" Lamborghini SUV to the market for every day use.