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Viome's Naveen Jain: AI's gut reaction to human wellness

Naveen Jain, Moon Express chairman and founder, talks about his new project uses advanced technology to look deep inside the human body for causes of diseases.


President Trump to address UN General Assembly

President Trump is poised to make his first appearance at the United Nations, a body he bashed during his campaign. Peter Spiegel, news editor at the Financial Times, offers his expectations.


China government advisor warns on Trump: When countries close their doors, they 'will be harmed'

Trump's policies won't benefit the U.S., said Fu Chengyu, a member of Beijing's top advisory body, on the sidelines of the Singapore Summit.


Texas and Florida hurt by the economic body blow from hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma may have done long-term damage to the competitiveness of Texas and Florida, two of America's most economically important states.


Boeing plans 'highest production rate of any wide-body ever'

Boeing is ramping up production of wide-body Dreamliners to the highest rate ever to meet growing demand, says Randy Tinseth, VP, Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


Elon Musk reveals the complete SpaceX spacesuit for the first time

Billionaire and SpaceX founder Elon Musk shared a full-body image of his SpaceX astronaut spacesuit.


San Francisco and Berlin have new competition for the capital of 'fintech'

Dubai has seen a surge of interest from fintech startups and banking assets over the last three years, according to the emirate's financial center's management body.


We tried some of the most popular fitness classes in NYC. Here's what we found

Millennials are ditching big-box gyms and signing up for smaller boutique fitness classes that promise a toned body and a fun experience.