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Strategist Mark Grant: Trump has a right to call out the Fed if it's not acting in the US best interest

Grant says if the Federal Reserve continues raising interest rates it will slow down economic growth.


'Too many people staring at yield curve, that's why it's where it is,' says chief strategist

Jeff Saut of Raymond James and CNBC contributor Evan Newmark join CNBC's Sara Eisen and Mike Santoli to discuss this week's market movers, best-performing sectors, and bank earnings.


These are the best Amazon Prime Day deals

Prime Day falls on July 16, 2018 and starts at 3pm EST. It will last for 36 hours this year. It is one of the biggest retail days of the year for Amazon. Here are some of the best deals being offered and how to find them.


The 2018 Cadillac ATS-V is one of the best sports sedans you can buy

The Cadillac ATS-V manages to blend raw American power with hyper-advanced technology to create a total package that’s as lovable as it is smart.


I camped out for 25 hours for cheap Wimbledon tickets—it's the best time and money I've ever spent

Not once did it feel like we were waiting in line, and we ended up with incredible Wimbledon tickets for a fraction of the price.


Top 10 states with the best infrastructure in America

CNBC analyzed the latest government data to measure every state’s roads, bridges, airports, rail networks, ports, water utilities, even the time it takes to commute to work. See which 10 have the best infrastructure in the nation.


Pro tips for taking better photos of your vacation on your phone

Your smartphone can be your best camera, so long as you know how to use it.


The 5 best things to buy in July

“For every avenue there is to spend money, there’s a loophole for spending less of it,” says David Pogue.


Warren Buffett and Tony Robbins agree on the best way to invest your money

When it comes to investing, this is "the thing that makes the most sense," says Buffett.


Dropbox's Tuck Shop serves up some of the best food in Silicon Valley

Dropbox's Tuck Shop serves up gourmet food for its employees, making it one of the best cafeterias in Silicon Valley.