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Google Home is taking aim at Alexa

Amazon controls about three-quarters of the market for home automation devices, according to a report last month.


Dow closes in on 23,000 at open

CNBC's Bob Pisani takes a look at what's moving in early morning trading as the Dow takes aim at another record high.


There's doubt Thailand's military government will follow through on elections

Aim Sinpeng, lecturer in Comparative Politics, University of Sydney, says remarks by the military-backed government in Thailand it will hold elections in 2018 should be taken with a grain of salt.


What's it like to have Hermès furnishings in your home?

French luxury label Hermès is expanding its home wares collection with the aim of creating a new way of life for customers, says Hélène Dubrule, MD of Hermès Maison.


Instant messenger app AIM is shutting down in December

AOL's instant messenger announced Friday it's shutting down effective Dec. 15. It thanked its "buddies" in a tweet for helping to make chat history.


New rules aim to curb payday loan abuses

New protections from the CFPB curtail payday loans, yet consumer advocates say they should be treated as a "loan of last resort."


DIY real estate option aims at mass market to start in Singapore

Rhonda Wong, CEO and co-founder, Ohmyhome, says the mass market for home buying in Singapore is the initial aim of the real estate services site.


Wilbur Ross says the big aim is a NAFTA deal, not the give and take

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says there's no deal on any specific item over North American Free Trade Agreement until you "have a deal on everything."


Alibaba to pay $807 million for majority stake in logistics firm Cainiao

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba increased its logistics investments as part of its aim to fulfill orders on the mainland withing 24 hours.


Eminem stock follows in footsteps of 'Bowie Bonds' as producers aim to cash in

Detroit's Bass brothers plan to sell 25 percent of their Eminem royalty rights to a company that is setting up a mini-IPO