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A cryptocurrency start-up took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal to troll Jamie Dimon's views on bitcoin

Dimon called bitcoin a "fraud" and said he would fire employees who traded it.


Amazon is considering a more serious bid against YouTube, ad industry sources say

Amazon is exploring several plans to encourage advertisers and media firm to use its platform for video, making it a bigger competitor against YouTube.


A dating app with a racist ad and an income filter is now on Apple's App Store

It may have drawn flak for its racist and discrimination-celebrating ad, but dating app HighBlood is now a reality.


Razor Sharp: A Conversation with Michael Dubin

The story of Dollar Shave Club is about as David and Goliath as it gets…or in this case, Dubin and Gillette. The concept was simple: ‘shave’ America with a direct-to-consumer subscription business model and a back-to-basics product that got its users hooked. Oh, and a hilarious online ad that went viral – with nearly 25M views to date – didn’t hurt either. Hear how Dollar Shave Club went from idea to a one billion dollar acquisition in this one-on-one conversation with the star of that viral ad, who is also the founder.


Yahoo is giving a critical piece of internal technology to the world

Yahoo is open-sourcing an internal tool called Vespa, which it uses for content recommendations, ad serving, and executing certain searches.


Chief marketers have 'significant fear' about ad fraud — and here's what media agencies need to do about it

The relationship between brands and their media suppliers has been in the spotlight since the start of the year when one of the world's largest advertisers attacked agencies for being untrustworthy.