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This Airbnb-style camping startup wants to help eclipse watchers without a hotel room

This startup is trying to use the shortage of hotel rooms along Monday's eclipse path to its advantage.


Cashing in on the eclipse

It’s been 38 years since the last total solar eclipse passed over the United States. From Oregon through Nebraska to South Carolina, towns along the 60-to-70 mile path aren’t letting this money-making opportunity pass them by. Reporter Eric Chemi finds what businesses are doing to cash in on a rare celestial event.


Investing in a cure

Wall Street investor Jonathan Silverstein has spent a career finding and funding biotech firms working on cures for rare diseases. But after learning in February he has Parkinson’s Disease, the diagnosis set him and his wife on a path to create a different kind of startup, a foundation to work towards a cure.


Fed minutes: Central bank split over path of rate hikes

A fissure appears to be developing at the Federal Reserve over when to raise interest rates.


Navigating a digital path back to school: Khan Academy CEO

Sal Khan, Khan Academy founder & CEO, talks about offering children a digital way to help them transition back to the classroom and regain some of the learning loss from summer vacation.


Towns in the path of the eclipse hope it will shine on bottom line

Cities in the 70-mile-wide "Zone of Totality" are bracing for a huge influx of tourists.


McBride sisters break into wine market's boy's club

Andrea and Robin McBride of the McBride Sisters Collection discuss their path into the wine industry.


A 'decent' inflation will change the outlook for US dollar

Morris Capital's Greg Matwejev says "decent" inflation, the missing link in the US recovery story, will send the greenback on a strengthening path.


MailChimp CEO Ben Chestnut on his nonlinear path to success

Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut discusses his non-linear path to success.


Flight costs are up for cities in the eclipse’s path

As the solar eclipse approaches, flight bookings in seven major cities are rising significantly, Verge reports.

Source: The Verge