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Citigroup downgraded on credit quality concerns, 'disappointing' margins

Societe Generale reduced its rating on Citigroup to sell from hold, citing deteriorating credit trends and increased loan loss provisions.


Dick Bove explains why JPMorgan and Citi sold off: They failed some important tests

One analyst said JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup failed to deliver on some fundamental fronts: loan growth, loan quality and margins.


How healthy are US banks?

Both JPMorgan and Citi saw declining quality of their loan portfolios, and have been unable to increase their loan sales, says Dick Bove of Vertical Group.


Dick Bove: Here are the dangerous forces at work that could shut down this market rally

North Korea and other unsettling events can't seem to stop the market rally. Here's why that's a problem, says equity research analyst Dick Bove.


Market just as dangerous as late 1990s, and bank stocks could 'come crashing down,' Dick Bove warns

Ahead of bank earnings season, analyst Dick Bove warns investors that financials are a pure momentum play, and sell-off risks are high.


A close look at bank earnings with analyst Dick Bove

Analyst Dick Bove, with Veritcal Group, discusses bank earnings with Eric Chemi.


The full interview with Dick Bove ahead of big bank earnings

Dick Bove, analyst with Vertical Group, discusses bank earnings and his top bank stock picks now, with Eric Chemi.


Dick Bove: Why I'm still not buying Wells Fargo, despite Tim Sloan's 'superb' efforts

CEO Tim Sloan has taked huge efforts to try to turn Wells Fargo around, Dick Bove said. However, Bove's problem with WFC comes down to the fundamentals.


Dick Bove: Tim Sloan is doing a superb job and shouldn't be fired

Dick Bove, Vertical Group Research, and Marty Mosby, Vining Sparks, discuss their thoughts on Wells Fargo following CEO Tim Sloan's testimony on Capitol Hill about the bank's fraudulent accounts scandal.


Dick Bove on why he's bearish on Wells Fargo: 'My problem with the company isn't Tim Sloan'

The full interview with Richard Bove.