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Signs growing that an 'autumn top' is brewing in stocks

Equity funds took in $9.9 billion over the past week, a pattern "becoming more consistent with [an] autumn top in risk assets," said one strategist.


One of the biggest banks is making a big renewable energy commitment

JPMorgan Chase announced it will rely on renewable sources for all of its energy use by 2020.


Apple's new patent application could move it one step closer to AR glasses

But don't hold your breath for new hardware releases any time soon, analysts tell CNBC.


Analyst: Amazon’s still one of the leading growth stocks out there

Edward Yruma, KeyBanc Capital Markets managing director, and Scott Galloway, founder and chairman of L2, discuss their outlook on Amazon shares following the tech giant’s big earnings miss.


Here's why Trump's feud with Jeff Sessions will backfire

Trump's public humiliation of Jeff Sessions is eroding his support among one very important group, says Notre Dame professor Joe Holt.


Facebook tends to gain after beating expectations

A month after an expectations beat from Facebook, the stock tends to gain another one percent.


Back-and-forth trade between bank and tech stocks shows just how confused investors are right now

Financial and tech stocks – the two largest segments of the market - have been moving in opposition to one another lately to an unusual degree.


Amazon's 'a tough one to evaluate': Moody's Charlie O'Shea

Profitability is not the issue right now, says Charlie O'Shea, Moody's retail analyst, talking about Amazon's revenue strategy as the e-commerce giant implements expansion plans into many different areas. At this point a lot of what's happening at Amazon right now is almost like a laboratory experiment, says O'Shea.


Ferrari driver wrecks $288,000 supercar just an hour after he bought it

The owner had possession of the car for just one hour before he crashed it.


One woman paid off over $8,000 in credit card debt in 90 days—here's how she did it

Lauren Bowling owed $8,432. But after following Anna Newell Jones' "the Spending Diet" and taking on side jobs, she succeeded in becoming debt-free.