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Spotify has hired an M&A specialist to help it buy other companies

WPP veteran Sheila Spence joins next week.

Source: Recode

Digital ad spending boom

Martin Sorrell, WPP CEO, discusses the landscape for digital advertising as Amazon may be the next big threat to Google's dominance for ad revenue.

Source: CNBC.com

Facebook, Google need to accept they are media not tech companies, CEO of world’s largest ad firm says

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said despite some of the brand safety issues, advertising on digital is still growing strong.

Source: CNBC.com

Google has to respond to brand safety challenge: WPP CEO

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell discusses the challenges of advertising via social media and technology giants such as Google and Facebook.

Source: CNBC.com

Overall it's been a difficult environment: WPP CEO

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell discusses first-quarter earnings, saying that his business is doing "reasonably well" despite a "tough environment."

Source: CNBC.com

O'Reilly case shows traditional and new media face similar pressures: WPP CEO

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell explains how Bill O'Reilly's dismissal from Fox News shows that issues faced by traditional, linear media are not so far removed from the brand safety challenges faced by the likes of Google and Facebook.

Source: CNBC.com