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A New Wave of Popular Fury Could Hit Europe in 2017

There will be at least 3 elections in Europe next year: Germany, France and the Netherlands for sure, and maybe Italy, too, The New York Times reports.

Source: The New York Times

iPhones targeted by new wave of cyber-terrorists

Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair special correspondent, discusses how cyber-terrorists are now targeting iPhones.


Energy stocks are riding the crude oil wave and lifting the S&P 500

Energy stocks were on track to post their best day since Nov. 7, as oil prices surged on renewed hope that OPEC would curb production.


Steve Case on Silicon Valley and Donald Trump

Steve Case, AOL Co-Founder, weighs in on entrepreneurship, the third wave of innovation and president-elect Donald Trump's impact on Silicon Valley.


China affected by anti-globalization wave: Economist

China has relied on exports and currency devaluation for growth but it appears that this path has been blocked, says Andy Xie, an independent economist.