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Walmart defies investor push to rewrite bond rules

Bonds issued by Walmart to fund its acquisition of Indian e-commerce company Flipkart contain controversial provisions that could be used to withhold compensation to investors if the deal is delayed, the Financial Times reports.

Source: Financial Times

Bossa Nova just raised another $29 million for its grocery store robots used by Walmart

Walmart robotics partner Bossa Nova has raised $29 million in fresh venture funding to bring shelf-scanning robots to groceries everywhere.


This robot is making sure grocery shelves are always stocked

Bossa Nova robots can scan grocery shelves 3 times faster than humans. Walmart is using them in dozens of it stores.


Walmart ‘surprised’ old store Is a migrant shelter. Records hinted at the possibility.

A Walmart executive signed a document indicating the buyer was purchasing the property with a loan from a nonprofit that runs migrant children shelters, the New York Times reports.

Source: The New York Times

Blue bins overflow with Amazon and Walmart boxes. But we're actually recycling less

Our love affair with online shopping is plain to see. Recycling bins overflow with boxes from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others.

Source: USA Today

Walmart goes upscale again with wines at bargain prices

Walmart's newly-launched Winemakers Selection will offer 10 "distinctive labels" of wine that will sell for about $11 per bottle, yet will be high quality. USA Today reports.

Source: USA Today

Amazon is reportedly upping its investment in India by $2 billion

Any extra capital would help stave off a threat from Walmart, which last month took a majority stake in Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart.


Advent to take majority stake in Walmart Brazil

Private equity firm Advent International announces plans to take an 80 percent stake in Walmart's Brazilian business.


This one image keeps Walmart up at night. Here’s what the company is doing about it

There's a stark contrast between the top retailers in 1970 compared with last year.


Walmart concludes annual meeting

CNBC's Courtney Reagan provides a preview of day three of Walmart's annual shareholder meeting.