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Market stocks have moved too far, too fast: Expert

Point View WM's John Petrides says that the Italian referendum and the Fed's language could potentially roil the markets.


Bank advocate calls for Dodd-Frank rollback

Camden R. Fine, president and CEO of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), discusses his view on Dodd-Frank.


The No. 1 way rich people view the world differently than the average person

After studying hundreds of wealthy people, self-made millionaire Steve Siebold found that they have unique beliefs, philosophies and strategies.


Gutierrez: Trump needs more points of view on Cuba

Discussing the impact of Fidel Castro's death and the upcoming Trump administration on U.S.-Cuban relations and business ties with Carlos Gutierrez, Albright Stonebridge Group chairman and former Commerce Secretary.


Here's why investors should pause amid the post-Trump rally

David Dietze of Point View Wealth Management says investors must exercise caution in light of heightened valuations and overly 'bullish' sentiments.


Daydream Nation

Google has made View VR a reality, The Verge reports.

Source: The Verge

Johnson Matthey: Performance to improve in second half

From a currency point of view, in the short-term Brexit works for Johnson Matthey, however the future remains uncertain, says the chemicals firm’s CEO, Robert MacLeod.


ECB is preparing the market for March: Pro

Stephen Macklow-Smith, head of European equity strategy at JPMorgan Asset Management, gives his view on quantitative easing, while commenting on the ECB.


Political events are moving markets: UBS Chairman

UBS Chairman Axel Weber says it’s quite difficult to push a ‘bullish’ or ‘bearish’ point of view at present in markets, considering the recent turbulent events in the political space.


When it comes to trade, Trump's just one man: Expert

Point View WM's David Dietze weighs in on a December Fed rate hike and how Donald Trump isn't the only person who gets to decide on protectionism.