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AN CEO: Optimistic about pre-owned strategy

We cleared the majority of pre-owned inventory hangover in the first quarter, says Mike Jackson, AutoNation chairman & CEO, talking about the company's quarterly results, the outlook on pre-owned cars and why he sees a "red line" in new car sales.


Samsung says Galaxy S8 launch is best ever, outpacing Galaxy S7 by 30 percent

Samsung said on Monday that pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 beat out Galaxy S7 pre-orders by 30 percent.


The Samsung S8 waiting game

Brad Gastwirth, ABR Investment Strategy, says pre-order numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S8 were good but it takes time to see if potential issues crop up.


Samsung says Galaxy S8 pre-orders are better than the S7, shares rise

Samsung Electronics shares got a boost on Thursday after it reported strong pre-orders for the flagship Galaxy S8.


Will global yields stay low?

Steve Goldman, Kapstream Capital, says the real question is whether ten-year U.S. Treasury yields will return to pre-election levels of below 2 percent.


Advanced economies could have expanded 5%, if productivity hadn’t tanked: IMF's Lagarde

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Wednesday advanced economies could be about 5 percent higher today, if productivity had maintained its pre-2008 crisis trend.


North Korea is warning the US of a nuclear strike

North Korean state media on Tuesday warned of a nuclear attack on the United States if there's any sign of a pre-emptive strike from the U.S.


Global employment fails to return to pre-crisis levels

Employment levels in the world’s most developed economies are yet to return to pre-crisis norms, despite displaying “stable” growth, according to the OECD.


Why Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Apple's iPhone 8 launches could be the most important ever

Phone launches follow a pretty similar pattern: Flashy press conference, excitement, pre-orders and the investing world keeping an eye on how well these devices sell.


Investors have been willing to pre-pay for Trump policies: Pro

Robert Waas, RSW Investments CEO & CIO, and Chris Varvares, Macroeconomic Advisers co-founder, discuss the market and economic outlook following the health-care bill failure.