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South Korea to kill the coin in path towards ‘cashless society’

The Bank of Korea on Thursday announced it will step up its efforts to reduce the circulation of coins, reports Financial Times.

Source: Financial Times

Rich millennials want to be their own boss: Research

Millennials across the world believe that a traditional path to work and a permanent job are “obsolete”.


Leogrande: Cuba in weaker political position post-Castro

William Leogrande, American University professor, discusses the path ahead for Cuba following the death of Fidel Castro.


Is Singapore's economy headed for a technical recession?

Economic growth has stumbled in Singapore, with analysts forecasting a rocky path ahead that will include a technical recession.


The Profit in :90 | Honest Foods: An Owner with a Temper, A Drop in Sales, and Frustrated Employees

A Chicago catering company has suffered a steep drop in sales – and its anxious owner is taking out his frustration on his employees. If Marcus can’t bring the team together and get them back on the path to growth, this business could end up on the chopping block. All-new The Profit Tuesdays 9P ET.


Flight path for airlines

Donald Carty, former American Airlines CEO, discusses billionaire Warren Buffett's reverse in course on investing in airlines, as well as his views on the airline industry as a whole.


On path for hard Brexit, no political opposition: Posen

Peterson Institute for International Economics President, Adam Posen talks about the fundamental factors that matter when it comes to the U.K.’s Brexit negotiations.


Trump's enemies are already paying the price

Crossing President-elect Trump's path is proving to be treacherous and he's not even in office yet.

Source: USA Today

China affected by anti-globalization wave: Economist

China has relied on exports and currency devaluation for growth but it appears that this path has been blocked, says Andy Xie, an independent economist.


Carl Icahn on Trump's chances of winning and the market's plunge

Carl Icahn tells CNBC Florida could be a roadblock on Trump's path to 270 electoral votes, but a victory there would certainly boost his chances.