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Gary Johnson (Libertarian) on polls

Gary Johnson calls making the fall debate stage his only shot at winning the presidency--and fears the habits of pollsters are blocking his path.


Cleveland Hustles: Bonin Bough Speaks - A Path to Success

Cleveland Hustles host Bonin Bough talks about how the new CNBC series will create a path to success from some lucky entrepreneurs. From executive producer LeBron James, Cleveland Hustles premiere episodes Wedensdays10P ET/PT.


Mr. Trump, 'Do the right thing' and step aside

Short of a miracle, Trump does not have a viable path to winning the presidential election. He should quit now, says this former Reagan official.


Futures Now: Crude rally on pause

The "Futures Now" team discusses the trade in crude oil, with Bob Iaccino, Path Trading Partners, and Brian Stutland, Equity Armor Investments.


Clinton: 4-year degree should not be only path to a good job

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks about her economic platform, including her fight to make college debt-free for all.


Crude oil surges

Discussing crude oil surging, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis at the NYMEX; Brian Stutland, Equity Armor Investments; and Bob Iaccino, Path Trading Partners.


Futures Now: Oil down on inventories

The Futures Now team discusses the oil market following the inventory report, with Scott Nations, NationShares, and Bob Iaccino, Path Trading Partners.


Rio protesters block path of Olympic torch

Police officers used stun grenades and tear gas to move protesters away from the path of the Olympic torch in a poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro.


Trump is a pro-growth guy like Reagan: Freedom Caucus member

The next president needs to put the nation back on an economic growth path like Ronald Reagan did, and Donald Trump is candidate to do it, Rep. Dave Brat tells CNBC.


Amazon's path to profit

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray, breaks down Amazon's quarterly numbers which beat Street expectations.