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Jay Leno's Garage: "Off the Beaten Path" Gallery

Season 1 | Episode 104 | Aired 11-04-2015


Don’t see a meaningful Fed hiking cycle ahead: Pro

Nomura Senior Independent Client Adviser, Bob Janjuah, talks about the path the Federal Reserve could take in the future, with added comment on the S&P 500 and the U.S. election.


Luring Chinese Investors With Trump’s Name, and Little Else

A hotel project in Texas promotes a connection to “the world’s leading developer” and a path to a visa in the United States, NYT reports.

Source: The New York Times

Kodak launches a smartphone with the camera at the center

Kodak launched a smartphone on Thursday with a souped-up camera as the photographic equipment maker continues on the path to reinvent itself after bankruptcy.


'Shark Tank' judge: 7 signs you're on the right career path

'Shark Tank' judge and CEO Robert Herjavec shares a mental trick to gauge your career path.


Denial of climate change, AI puts American economy on 'path to ruin,' Obama says

Amid a contentious presidential race, U.S. president Barack Obama called out political rivals that seek to cut scientific funding.


UK is going down the 'Italian path': Expert

Expect a further weakening in the British pound as Brexit negotiations wear on, says Axel Merk, CIO at Merk Investments.


Must Read: Pence's presidential path

The "Worldwide Exchange" crew discusses some of the morning's top attention-grabbing headlines, including a Wall Street Journal story titled, "A path to President Pence."


This is a 'very, very risky situation,' says meteorologist of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew's current path and intensity are pointing to a worst case scenario for Florida, said The Weather Company's Paul Walsh.


Florida hospitals brace for Hurricane Matthew, some close

Many hospitals in the path of the hurricane altered their operations, limiting care only to emergency patients and those with trauma.