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PRO Talks: Small-cap investment strategy with Steven Desanctis

Steven DeSanctis, one of the longest-running and most well-known small and mid-cap strategist on Wall Street, sat down with CNBC's Mike Santoli to discuss the various ways investors can participate in the space, including how to identify potential acquisition targets.


OPEC is shooting itself in the foot, oil expert says

The OPEC meeting in Algeria may not have resulted in a resolution as of Tuesday, but at least one person is optimistic.


Top strategist on why small caps are the best bet

Steven DeSanctis, one of the most widely followed small-cap strategists on Wall Street, discusses his top investment themes in the space.


Technical analyst finds counterintuitive reason for stocks to rise

Investors are unusually nervous about the market right now, which is "one more reason we're bullish on equities," says Oppenheimer technical analyst Ari Wald.


Private island for the price of a one-bedroom New York apartment

Cedar Island in Vermont is going to auction in October and the bidding starts at a mere $850,000.


The one time Clinton got under Trump's skin

Donald Trump says it bothered him when his opponent brought up the controversy with a former Miss Universe winner.


Donald Trump: The one time Hillary Clinton got under my skin during the debate

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton did not get under his skin except "maybe" when she brought up accusations by a former Miss Universe.


Google unveils new products for India

The tech giant will launch one product that is designed to bring free Wi-Fi to the world.


I owe my great talent pool to a tip from Steve Jobs: CEO

This CEO is front and center during the hiring of every one of his employees — an approach he developed based on a comment by the late Steve Jobs.


In deadlocked election, Hillary Clinton reclaims the lead

Hours after trading barbs in the race's first one-on-one debate, Hillary Clinton appears to have put some distance between herself and Trump.