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Inside Cleveland's hustle

Cleveland is a city reinventing itself, and the small business community there is working hard to develop a reputation as one of the stronger startup regions in the country.


These 'under the surface' signs could push the market higher

Though the market has been trading in an ultra-tight range, one leading technician says several underlying factors point to gains ahead.


Coding boot camps replace college for software engineers

Hack Reactor is one of dozens of coding boot camps across the nation, turning students into software engineers.


More states set to offer retirement plans

California is poised to join a handful of states that offer a retirement plan to people who don't have one at work. Here's what you need to know.


From berries to cheese, farm sector reaping millions through Depression-era program

Farm incomes are sinking amid low crop prices, and one fix getting more use is a Depression-era surplus food purchasing program.


Bill Ackman: 'We made one very big mistake' with Valeant and lost big time

The hedge fund billionaire tells CNBC the past 12 months were the "worst period of performance" of his career, and the implosion of Valeant was mostly to blame.


Rand slides amid fresh political uncertainty in South Africa

South Africa faces a period of political and economic uncertainty which will only be aggravated by policy moves from the Fed, says one analyst.


Zero rate 'euphoria' has triggered a bond shock indicator

Stellar inflows into fixed income this week has caused one investment bank to warn of a "bond shock" in the coming months.


Get the Fed out of the way: Pro

A one-time rate hike would get the Fed out of the way, says Jason Trennert, Strategas, sharing his thoughts on Fed policy.


One major factor could put a cap on the rebound in oil prices

This month's moderate rebound in the oil price is likely to cool next year, according to analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.