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Inside Cleveland's hustle

Cleveland is a city reinventing itself, and the small business community there is working hard to develop a reputation as one of the stronger startup regions in the country.


New housing bubble here?

Nela Richardson, Red Fin, discusses whether we are in another housing bubble, and whether this one is as bad as the last.


Strongest earthquakes in decades at one of Iceland's largest volcanoes

Two strong earthquakes hit one of Iceland's largest volcanoes, and scientists are monitoring for an eruption, which would be its first in 98 years.


Huma Abedin will separate from Anthony Weiner

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports the latest on Huma Abedin, one of Clinton's longest-serving aides, announcing that she will separate from her husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner.


RBC: Netflix is number-one buy

RBC Capital analyst Mark Mahaney weighs in on Netflix's stock, international push and original content.


Clinton or Trump? It could make a big difference to these stock sectors

The financials, energy and health-care sectors may be impacted most by the election, according to one economist.


A janitor secretly amassed an $8 million fortune and left most of it to his library and hospital

A one-time janitor and gas station attendant demonstrated that you can become a multimillionaire with a modest salary.


Failure of transatlantic trade pact will have 'substantial' effect on France: Analyst

A failure to secure a transatlantic trade deal would have a "substantial" effect on France as the world economy slowed down, one analyst told CNBC.


One college bets big on 529 college savings

Washington College has a new program to match what parents use in 529 funds, up to $2,500 per year. Some states match savings, too.


Watch these men climb One World Trade Center's spire

The 408-ft spire on top of One World Trade Center gets inspected annually for any signs of deterioration or stress. Follow along as two climbers scale the spire wearing GoPro cameras so you can see what they see.