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Cramer's lightning round: A new dominant player creeping up in cybersecurity

Jim Cramer rattles off his take on caller favorite stocks, including this technology player making him nervous in the cybersecurity space.


Police rescue man hanging off George Washington Bridge

Live chopper footage captures police rescuing a man hanging off the side of the George Washington Bridge.


JPMorgan upgrades Wendy's to buy, saying new cost-cutting strategy is working

JPMorgan on Friday upgraded Wendy's to overweight, saying the new business strategy by the company is paying off.


Cramer's lightning round: The only way to recommend a stock on a takeover basis

Jim Cramer rattles off his take on caller favorite stocks, including one rumored to be ripe for a takeover.


Dow pulls off a stunt it hasn't done in 30 years

It's been 30 years since the Dow had this many record closes in a row.


Millionaire who works 95 hours a week shares how he avoids burnout

Grant Cardone says taking days off is not the answer.


22 of the weirdest interview questions you might get asked

"How would you find the square root of 1.2?" and other questions that could throw you off.


Making Every Kid's Dream a Reality

As a child, Steve Humble was fascinated with secret doors in movies. So when he became an adult, he learned how to design them. Steve shows off some of the secret doors his company, Creative Home Engineering, specializes in making. All-new Blue Collar Millionaires Wednesdays 10P ET/PT


'World of Warcraft' company to finally cut off Windows XP, Vista support

Some of Blizzard's games, like "StarCraft," have gained international popularity and are played primarily on desktops.


A Violent Burglary

American Greed | "Clean Teeth, Dirty Money | Comic Book Murder": Robbers break into Homer Marciniak’s home late at night, tying him up for hours before making off with his valuables. All-new American Greed Mondays 10P ET/PT