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Chicken wraps, cuff links and cloud: The details from Snap's IPO roadshow in NYC

Snapchat's co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel hit New York City on Tuesday to calm investor fears.


Snap roadshow hits NYC

CNBC's Leslie Picker reports the latest details on the upcoming IPO for Snap Inc.


This $28 million NYC townhouse has a big secret

Step inside one of the most unique residences in all of Manhattan: a 10,000 sq. ft. double townhouse compound. (Catch an all new "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" Thursday at 10p ET/PT.)


Netflix's performance outperforms the S&P during snow

CNBC's data partner Kensho looks at how Netlfix performs after NYC gets 4+ inches of snow.


NYC protesters march on Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan for Trump ties

New York City protesters rally against the role of Wall Street in President Donald Trump's plans to loosen bank regulations.


NYC rally against role of Chase and Goldman in Trump’s plan to gut Dodd-Frank

On Tuesday, Feb 7th, hundreds of activists marched to the New York City headquarters of Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase as a response to Donald Trump's plan to repeal Dodd-Frank.


Next on | Secret Lives of the Super Rich: A New York Penthouse to Die for

Secret Lives of the Super Rich | New York's Finest Address & The $3 Million Hybrid Ferrari: Step inside the world of the super wealthy to see the most expensive American car ever sold and the $43.5 million NYC penthouse with a killer Central Park view. All-new Thursdays 10P ET/PT


After living on $60 a week for 5 weeks here's my No. 1 money-saving tip

I'm able to stick to a tight budget in NYC thanks to one simple strategy.


Opening Bell, February 2, 2017

Ringing today's opening bells are Teach For America celebrating its partnership with NYC Department of Education on a fundraiser sponsored by Barclays, at the NYSE, and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, at the Nasdaq.


Check out this NYC penthouse that rents for $45,000 a month

This is a tour of an NYC penthouse that rents for $45,000 a month.