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Look inside Amazon's first NYC book store

CNBC's Morgan Brennan tours Amazon's brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan which provides perks for Prime members as the e-commerce giant continues its retail expansion.


Watch out McDonald's, this former trader is bringing Chinese all-day breakfast to the table

Brian Goldberg spent 13 years trading equities in Asia. Now he is introducing Americans to the jianbing, a quintessential Chinese all-day breakfast food, which he's selling from his NYC eatery Mr. Bing. The original Beijing style is a mung bean, rice and white-flour crepe coated with scrambled egg, sesame seeds, scallions, hoisin sauce, crispy chilli paste, cilantro and packed with crunchy wontons — newer meat versions include barbecued pork, peking duck and drunken chicken. Pricing on a bing ranges from $10 for a traditional to $15 for Peking duck.


Uber reportedly underpaid NYC drivers

CNBC's Deirdre Bosa reports on Uber's miscalculations underpaying New York City drivers and one hedge fund manager's comments about the company.


Uber underpaid NYC drivers by millions for nearly three years

The ride-hailing company said it had "mistakenly" over-calculated its cut of commission by taking roughly 25 percent from fares before taxes.

Source: The Verge

This NYC startup wants to make tomorrow's driverless cars smarter

A Brooklyn-based startup wants to use data to better organize ride-sharing routes, Curbed reports.

Source: Curbed

One simple going-out rule saves this reporter $3,600 each year

How CNBC reporter Emmie Martin spends money and enjoys life in NYC without breaking the bank.


GM's Maven launches in NYC for car sharing

CNBC's Phil LeBeau weighs in on GM's car share contribution to the gig economy with Maven which launched in New York City today.


GM's Maven rolls into NYC

Julia Steyn, GM vice president for urban mobility, discusses the automaker's new car-sharing subsidiary Maven. CNBC's Phil LeBeau weighs in.


A.I. 'won't take over the world' but it is a threat to jobs, said Michael Bloomberg

As much as AI is a useful tool, it will never replace human judgment, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says.


We're not 'The Jetsons' yet — but give us time, says CEO trying to bring flying cars to NYC

These are basically rotorcrafts, says Rob Wiesenthal, Blade founder amd CEO, sharing his vision of the future of transportation in highly-congested traffic areas.