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LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers took a $2.75 NYC subway ride

While in New York City, LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers rode the C train after practice.


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: If GOP tax-reform ends state and local tax deductions, 'you'll never see it again'

De Blasio also says if the provision is removed, at least 100 million Americans would be subject to double taxation.


I spent over $500 to run the 2017 NYC marathon—and it was completely worth it

Even though I'm frugal about lots of things, I drop a lot of money to run races.


Trump double downs that alleged NYC terrorist should get 'DEATH PENALTY!' That may hurt prosecution

President Trump says again the suspect in a New York City terrorist attack "should get death penalty."


Watch: NYC police commissioner speaks after deadly Manhattan terror attack

The Tuesday attack in lower Manhattan killed eight and injured more than a dozen.


8 people killed in NYC terror attack

NBC News' Chris Pollone reports from New York on the latest following a terror attack in the city Tuesday evening.


Eight dead, 15 injured at lower Manhattan incident

CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports on comments from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio about the lower Manhattan incident where a truck drove into a pedestrian and bike lane that killed eight and injured 15.


In the wake of NYC terrorist attack, Trump says he's ordered increased 'Extreme Vetting'

President Donald Trump has requested for a heightened vetting program following Tuesday's terrorist attack in New York.


Feds may take over if attack fits patterns of terrorism: Former NYC detective

Tom Ruskin, former NYC police detective investigator, discusses the incident in lower Manhattan that killed six people and injured at least 15.


Pamper your pooch at this NYC luxury boutique for dogs

CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" takes a look inside Canine Styles, a luxury dog boutique that sells designer goods for your pooch.