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NY Fed's Dudley sees 'a lot of unintended consequences' from border-tax plan

N.Y. Federal Reserve President Bill Dudley emerged as a critic of a "border adjustment tax" on Tuesday.


Donald Trump's top health-care nominee Price got 'sweetheart' biotech stock deal

Price and Rep. Chris Collins, R-NY, got a 12-percent discount when they bought stock in an Australian drug company in a private placement offer.


Bail stumper: Martin Shkreli gets permission to travel outside of NY for speaking gigs

Shkreli, who is accused of securities fraud, is free on $5 million bail, and normally must stay in New York.


NY Times app banned in China

Apple has removed the New York Times app from iTunes after a request from the Chinese government.


Trump Revives Defense of Charitable Foundation Amid Inquiry

Trump has renewed his defense of his charitable foundation, ven as the NY attorney general continues to investigate.

Source: The New York Times

Trump to dissolve Trump Foundation to avoid conflict, but NY Attorney General says 'you can't'

The Donald J. Trump Foundation has been at the center of conflict of interest questions involving whether it was legally allowed to raise funds.


NY pension fund bribery: Sex & drugs pay to play

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports the latest surrounding the NY pension bribery scheme.


NY retirement fund manager charged with 'pay to play'

CNBC's Dominic Chu reports that a fixed income portfolio manager for the New York state retirement fund took bribes to steer business to broker-dealers.