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The final debate showed that neither Trump nor Clinton know how to talk about Iraq

Neither Clinton nor Trump have a clear explanation of how they'd step up the fight against ISIS and finding a way to reduce Syria's carnage.

Source: Vox

Wouldn’t vote for Trump or ‘evil’ Clinton: Vivienne Westwood

If British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood had the opportunity to vote in the upcoming U.S. election, neither Clinton nor Trump would get her pick on the ballot.


This investor is neither a 'panda hugger' nor a 'dragon basher'

External scrutiny on the Chinese economy is always high despite Chinese consumers are feeling optimistic, says Marco Polo Pure AM's Mitch Presnick.


We see a firmer recovery in Europe in 2017: ECB's Mario Draghi

ECB president Mario Draghi says he is neither optimistic nor pessimistic about 2017, as there are significant geopolitical risks ahead.


Who's good for markets: Analysts say neither Trump nor Clinton

This level of uncertainty has the power to leave the market "very unsettled," analysts tell CNBC.