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Schultz on political ambitions: Starbucks is my focus

Starbucks outgoing CEO Howard Schultz answers questions on his political ambitions once he has stepped down as CEO of the coffee company.


Self-made millionaire: This critical mindset shift helped me earn my first million

Grant Cardone made an extra $3,000 one month, and that changed everything.


7 Common Elements I Must Have in My Morning Routine

'I like mornings because they offer me margin,' says author Todd Brison.


Why this ‘Apple optimist’ is getting nervous

Apple stock is still a buy in my book, but I see some troubling signs for the future, says Michael Yoshikami.


Mnuchin: Buying IndyMac one of proudest aspects of my career

Treasury secretary pick Steve Mnuchin answers questions about his involvement with OneWest and IndyMac.


The best $90 I ever spent was on my feet — and for my career

Quality work shoes can make all the difference. Here's what to look for as you hunt the perfect pair.


My top stock pick could spike 30% higher after Trump tech wreck, influential analyst says

The steep drop in tech stocks since Trump's win provides a "compelling entry point," internet analyst Mark Mahaney tells CNBC.


Yellen: I'm not stepping down until my term is done

Forget all that talk about her leaving the Fed if Trump becomes president: The chair says she's not going anywhere.


A New Payroll System Misfires, and Canadians Ask: Where’s My Pay?

More than 80,000 public servants have had trouble getting paid because of a system’s flaws, the New York Times reports.

Source: The New York Times

Markets will soon feel a Trump hangover—here’s my plan for cashing in: Trader

Stocks have surged since Donald Trump's victory, but options trader Andrew Keene is looking to fade the move.