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Here are 3 key topics that could move markets post Trump inauguration, according to Jim Cramer

NAFTA, TPP and healthcare are among the topics that could move markets, Cramer says.


Here are 3 topics Cramer says could move the markets post Trump inauguration

Jim Cramer discusses oil, health care, and drug stocks amid the inauguration of Donald Trump.


Gov. Hutchinson: Give states flexibility in health care plan

Gov. Asa Hutchinson, (R-Ark.), talks about working in partnership with President Trump to move from Obamacare to a new health care plan.


Smart for Abe to meet Trump: Export Now

With Trump's lack of U.S.-Asia policy, Abe's establishment of personal rapport was a smart move, says Frank Lavin, CEO of Export Now.


'Mario Draghi is my favorite central banker'

Jim Rickard, Strategic Intelligence, weighs in on the ECB's next move under Draghi and Eurozone inflation.


Ellison: If rates move higher, stocks will do better

David Ellison, Hennessy Large & Small Cap Financial Fund portfolio manager, weighs in on what's next for financials under a Trump administration.


How a one-two, Trump-Yellen punch may move interest rates

Interest rates could challenge recent highs on hawkish talk from Janet Yellen and the promise of pro-growth policy from Donald Trump.


Trump rally in 'indigestion' phase: PNC

Is the Trump rally already over? The market's next move, with Bill Stone, PNC Asset Management Group, CNBC's Courtney Reagan and the Futures Now Traders.


Mnuchin: Worked very hard to move Octomom to home she could afford

Treasury Secretary Nomineed Steve Mnuchin talks about one of the more publicly-known loans he had to deal with in the private sector.


Everyone wants to move to renewables: Iberdrola Chair

Iberdrola Chairman, Ignacio Galan takes about the future of renewable energy, in light of Trump’s incoming administration.