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Oppenheimer’s Stoltzfus on the 'remarkable resilience of stocks'

John Stoltzfus of Oppenheimer discusses the stock market's next move with Leslie Picker.


Reagan's stock market gives clues for the Dow's next move: Acampora

With the bull run on pause, Altaira Capital Partners' Ralph Acampora consults history for clues on the markets' next move.


Mortgage rates hit their highest point since last month in a 'threatening' move

Mortgage rates, which loosely follow the 10-year Treasury, hit their highest level since the end of March, breaking out of a tight range where they'd been sitting for weeks.


Market move on news Deputy AG Rosenstein tells Trump he's not a target of Mueller investigation

CNBC's Dominic Chu reports.


As interest rates rise, investors can't decide whether the bond market move is cause for confidence or concern


Turkey has called a snap election and it's all about power and a 'deteriorating' economy

Turkey's president surprised markets Wednesday by announcing that he would hold snap presidential and parliamentary elections in June with experts saying the move is a sign of both panic and genius.


This strategist sees a low probability of a trade war

Asian market momentum should pick up if China and the U.S. move toward a negotiated path for trade disputes as expected, says Manishi Raychaudhuri of BNP Paribas.


Trump has 'disrupted' US policy on North Korea: Former US ambassador

U.S. Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo's move to visit North Korea was "very much the right one," says Curtis Chin of the Milken Institute and former U.S. ambassador to the Asian Development Bank.


Claiming Social Security at 70 can be valuable — but it isn't easy

Fewer than one in 10 Americans wait until age 70 to claim Social Security. Financial advisors say it's typically a smart move. Here's how to decide if it will work for you.


Facebook's final conquest: Squeezing more ad revenue out of rest of the world

As the US and Europe move to regulate Facebook amid privacy concerns, the social media giant's best bet may be continued growth in less mature global markets where it pockets $2.50 per user today.