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UN explores virtual reality

Gabe Arora, UN creative director and UNVR Lab founder, discusses how the United Nations is using virtual reality as a storytelling tool to tackle issues from Ebola to the Syrian refugee crisis.


Growing new bones by design: CEO

Nina Tandon, EpiBone co-founder and CEO, discusses a new technique where patients are able to grow new bones in a lab to help heal from injury, illness or surgery.


A Chinese space station is falling to Earth amid speculation it's out of control

Chinese officials have confirmed that the country's first space lab is expected to fall into the Earth's atmosphere in the latter half of 2017.


Robotic furniture to hit the market for tiny apartments

Looking for a way to max space in your micro apartment? Retractable robotic furniture spawned at the MIT lab is coming to stores in 2017.


Inside Cole Haan's innovation lab: Inventing dress shoes that feel like sneakers

At an innovation facility in New Hampshire, the 89-year-old shoemaker is cutting shoes apart to re-think their insides.


Rocket Lab nears completion of world's first private orbital launch site in New Zealand

Launching satellites into space could get even cheaper very soon.


World's first private orbital launch site is nearly ready

Located in New Zealand and developed by U.S.-New Zealand firm Rocket Lab, the site's completion means companies can soon launch satellites into space for cheap.