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More oath-taking drama in Hong Kong

While having new faces in the Legco is positive, the pro-independence lawmakers seem unable to establish themselves in the council, says HKBU's Benson Wong.


Asia markets slip as traders digest China home prices, quake hits Japan, typhoon shuts HK

Markets in Asia were lower on Friday as China's home prices rose, a typhoon shut down the Hong Kong market and an earthquake struck Japan.


Four reasons why Asia is a prime target for cybercriminals

Data showed companies in Asia Pacific were almost twice as likely to be hit with an advanced cyber-attack in the second half of 2015 than their global peers.


Weak pound not much help to Burberry: Pro

Xavier van Howe, investment director at GAM, discusses Burberry's second-quarter sales data, as well as the company's share price drop.


Hong Kong International Airport is making a push for retail

Fred Lam, CEO at the Airport Authority Hong Kong, talks about the development of HKIA's new infrastructure developments, such as the SkyCity project.


Here are some positives as far as China's concerned

Credit Suisse PBWM's John Woods says that China export figures were unexpectedly lower but that the services sector has the potential to bounce to the upside.


Google and Facebook building super high-speed cable between LA and Hong Kong

Google and Facebook are working together to lay a nearly 8,000-mile cable between Los Angeles and Hong Kong, The Verge reports.

Source: The Verge

Defiance over China's power in Hong Kong

To kick off Hong Kong's legislative session, a swearing-in ceremony turned chaotic as several new lawmakers intentionally mangled their oaths.


Hong Kong markets in profit-taking mode: Expert

With oil prices around $50 again, expect profit-taking in markets until the Shenzhen Connect comes online, says Haitong International Securities' Kevin Leung.


Hong Kong number 1 IPO market this year, for sure: Pro

Ringo Choi, Asia Pacific IPO leader at EY, discusses whether China could displace Hong Kong in the IPO rankings.