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What, Congressman Steve King Asks, Have Nonwhites Done for Civilization?

Steve King tells MSNBC he questioned the historical contributions of nonwhite "subgroups" igniting swift backlash online, NYT reported.

Source: The New York Times

Video: the future of mobile shopping?

If video content is king of the world for marketing, can it be for mobile shopping as well? YEAY founder and CEO, Melanie Mohr weighs in, with added comment on her video marketplace app, YEAY.


Will a robot take your job?

Brett King, Moven Founder & CEO and "Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane" author, discusses the future of artificial intelligence and automation in the workforce.


Trump The Supervillain?

A character called MODAAK, an acronym for “Mental Organism Designed as America’s King.”, bears a remarkable resemblance to presidential hopeful Donald Trump.


Could the US benefit from the Brexit?

New trade deals might work in favor of both the U.S. and U.K., because their trade relations have been hindered by the EU, notes Baker Avenue AM's King Lip.


King dollar forever?

The "Fast Money" traders discuss how the strong dollar is affecting global currencies and what it means for earnings and economies.