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In Gettysburg, we need the pro-life, pro-growth, ‘King Dollar’ Donald Trump

Donald Trump is scheduled to give a major address in Gettysburg on Saturday. Here's what he should say, according to Larry Kudlow.


Real estate is king for investors: Tiger 21

Michael Sonnenfeldt, chairman of Tiger 21, speaks about the investment strategies of high net worth individuals.


Will regulations get in the way of Tesla's driverless dreams?

Discussing transpiration regulations as self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles come to the fore, with David Kelly, Storm King Strategies and former NHTSA acting administrator and chief of staff.


Cramer: Move over H&R Block, this tax play is taking the world by storm

Jim Cramer shares his opinion in various caller stocks, including the new king of the tax world.


Brexit effect on sterling could boost Burberry profits: Pro

Richard Hunter, head of research at Wilson King Investment Management, comments on luxury fashion brand Burberry and how it may benefit from weak sterling.


'Bond king' Jeffrey Gundlach: I think investors should be defensive

"I think we're headed to a fiscal stimulus regime, regardless of who wins," Gundlach also tells CNBC about the election.


This is NOT the beginning of the great bond market sell-off: Economist

Investors are not witnessing the beginning of the "great bond market sell-off" according to HSBC Senior Economic Advisor, Stephen King.


Weak nominal growth to blame for low bond yields: Pro

Stephen King, senior economic advisor at HSBC, talks about problems in the economy and their effect on the bond market.


This is the commodity to play: Gartman

Commodities king Dennis Gartman sees opportunity for investors in this specific commodity.


Thailand's King Bhumibol's likely to be the last demi-god monarch

It is hard to make a cold-eyed assessment of Thailand's King Bhumibol, partly because of the country's draconian lese majeste laws.