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This 19-year-old chef is running his own swanky New York City restaurant

Chef Flynn McGarry is running Gem on New York's Lower East Side, and transitioning from his reputation as a "kid chef."


This 19-year-old chef has been a culinary phenom since age 12 — here’s how he’s dealing with the hype behind his first NYC restaurant

Flynn McGarry, 19, is the chef at Gem on New York's Lower East Side. Having been celebrated in the culinary world since he was 12, McGarry is now working to shed the "kid chef" label with his first permanent fine dining restaurant.


Why Dave Ramsey thinks you should keep living like 'a broke college kid'

Financial guru Dave Ramsey offers life advice to new grads and anyone just starting out.


What Jeff Bezos learned about how to be successful working on his grandfather’s ranch as a kid

The billionaire tech executive used to spend summers with his grandparents in South Texas.


Pitbull spent his first $1,500 paycheck on a car for his mom

The Grammy-award winning artist says he owes a lot to his mom, who made him listen to Tony Robbins' motivational tapes as a kid.


'Cobra Kai' Executive producers 'stunned' by the 'Karate Kid' sequel's success

"It's been unbelievable," says Jon Hurwitz, pointing out that the first episode already has more than 20 million views.


We believed in the story and the people at YouTube Red:'Cobra Kai' producers

"Cobra Kai" producers Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz discuss the excitement over the new spin-off show from the movie "The Karate Kid," and why they chose YouTube red to showcase their programming.


FDA targets e-cig liquids that look like grape soda and other kid-friendly foods

The agency is issuing four warning letters to manufacturers and retailers for selling e-liquids with labeling and or advertising that cause them to resemble kid-friendly foods.