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Paying for tax reform: Mitch Daniels

Former Gov. Mitch Daniels, (R-Ind.), talks about implementing a tax plan that makes sense and limits the nation's debt burden. Also Daniels explains why he thinks the border adjustment tax could create jobs and bring money back into the country.


Rep. Rokita: Trump travel ban 'prudent measure' and I'm glad he did it

We are on a mission and we are going to get this country back on track, says Rep. Todd Rokita, (R-Ind.), discussing delays in Congress and pushback from tech executives on President Donald Trump's immigration order.


Dem's Gorsuch filibuster will be 'self-defeating': Evan Bayh

Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Moelis & Company, and former Sen. Evan Bayh, (D-Ind.), talk about the deep political divide in Congress as lawmakers attempt to push through President Donald Trump's agenda, including tax reform, repealing Obamacare and approving Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.