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Crude oil above $60 won't continue as supply, demand will drag prices back to earth, John Kilduff says

Crude oil hit its highest level in more than three years to start 2018, but one market watcher expects these highs to be short-lived.


Five stocks that could see the biggest swings on earnings

Earnings season is kicking into high gear. One strategist gives his picks for which could cause waves when they report in the coming weeks.


Women turn out big for protest marches — in both blue and red states

A second day of demonstrations got underway on Sunday, after women and their allies flooded the streets in cities across the country on Saturday.


The ten biggest US tech companies will top $1 trillion in sales this year

Ten largest U.S. tech firms by sales expected to top $1 trillion in revenue this year as the biggest get bigger.


Venezuela is trying to float its own cryptocurrency to save a sinking economy—but investors aren't believing the 'petro' hype

Venezuela — rife with double-digit inflation, civil strife and signs of imminent economic collapse everywhere — has seen the future, and it's in cryptocurrency.


Women rushed to get IUDs fearing Trump’s threats to repeal Obamacare

Trump's pledges to repeal and replace Obamacare may have caused a surge in women getting IUDs.


How to use your investments to support women in the workplace

A growing number of investment strategies can help you put your money behind companies that treat women fairly.


Despite Trump tweet, McConnell opposes using 'nuclear option' in shutdown battle

The president urged the Senate to use a simple majority of votes to end the shutdown, but the majority leader opposes such a move.


Next generation rocket company reaches orbit in milestone test

Rocket Lab took a major step toward opening low-cost access to a new sector of the space industry.


3 money lessons hidden in Jay-Z's song lyrics

Listen carefully. The hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur's music is filled with money advice.