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Here's why China is buying up assets in Australia

Chinese investors are buying up major assets in Australia, which has helped contribute to record-high housing prices.


Natural gas is coming up as coal wanes: expert

Christiana Figueres, convenor, Mission 2020, says natural gas demand is rising as coal use wanes in the U.S. and many other countries.


Has Abe fatigue set in despite election win?

Tobias Harris, analyst, Teneo Intelligence, says Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is safe for now from any party challenges to his leadership even as he shows weak standing in public opinion polls.


Slowdown in China house prices continued in September: Analyst

Philip Zhong, senior analyst, Morningstar, says he expects data from China today to show a continued slowdown in house pries in most Chinese cities measured.


Japan's Abe had some help in snap poll win

Ichiro Fujisaki, former Japanese ambassador to the U.S., says Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's poll win was aided by economic recovery, concern about Kim Jong-Un and mistakes by the opposition.


'Nobody really knows' state of play for proposed Aramco IPO

Omar Al-Ubaydli, senior scholar, Mercatus Center says Saudi budget plans mean there is a need to raise funds from a stake sale in Aramco, whether via an IPO or private placement.


Japan's Abe has a 'hot potato' in plans to reform defense policies

Chong Yoon-Chou, Natixis Asset Management, says Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may find pushing through a constitutional change to Japan's defense policies hard even after winning a fresh mandate with a lower house super majority.


President Trump: With tax reform we can make it morning in America again

With my plan in place, jobs will grow, family incomes will rise and we will make America great again.

Source: USA Today

Google, Facebook and Twitter spent millions lobbying congress this past quarter

Lawyers for the three tech companies are scheduled to testify in Congress on behalf of their clients on Nov. 1


Nature deals a blow to pumpkin sales

If you're looking for pumpkins in Florida and Texas this year, there's a chance some stores may not be stocking them.