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Will the US-Philippines alliance hold?

Duterte wants an independent policy but he also realizes the importance of the Philippines' alliance with the U.S., says IHS Markit's Alison Evans.


Richemont short interest near highs: IHS-Markit

Looking at Europe’s earning season, IHS-Markit Analyst, Simon Colvin, breaks down which stocks investors should watch when it comes to luxury.


Tesla is redefining itself

Tesla doesn't just want to be a luxury electric vehicle company, it wants to be a leader in autonomous driving, says James Chao, MD at IHS Markit.


Sony VR console has first mover's advantage: Analyst

Steve Bailey, senior analyst for games at IHS Markit, discusses Sony's position in the virtual reality gaming market.


The situation in Venezuela is deteriorating: Analyst

Diego Moya-Ocampos, senior Latin America analyst at IHS, talks about the political, economic and social crises occurring in Venezuela.


It's been a horrible week for Trump: Analyst

John Raines, deputy head of political risk at IHS Country Risk, discusses campaign strategies for U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


These companies will benefit from the big VR cash-splash

Consumers were expected to spend more than $11 billion on virtual reality (VR) technology over the next few years, according to IHS Markit.


Google's smartphone could create industry friction: Analyst

Ian Fogg, senior director and head of mobile at IHS Markit, says that Google's move into the smartphone hardware market could jar with its previous Android brand partners.


‘Android is not invincible’: What Google is risking by releasing its Pixel smartphone

Android may be the dominant smartphone operating system (OS) but "it's not invincible," according to analysis firm IHS Markit, which argues that Google's latest Pixel smartphone could risk antagonizing manufacturers reliant on the software.


Google have a massive hill to climb with new smartphone: Analyst

Ian Fogg, senior director and head of mobile at IHS Markit, discusses Google's move into the hardware market, as well as the high price set for Google's latest smartphone.