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Surge in demand to short domestically exposed UK stocks: Pro

Property is a key target of this post-Brexit trend, says Simon Colvin, an analyst at IHS Markit.


The future of augmented reality

Ben Barker, CEO of Run An Empire, and Jack Kent, senior mobile analyst at IHS, share their views on augmented reality's impact on mobile and gaming.


Defending oil market share still ‘pre-eminent’ for Saudis, IHS' Yergin says

Saudi Arabia's top priority remains defending its market share despite signs oil producers will intervene to prop up prices, Dan Yergin says.


Oil ticks up on Saudi stabilizing talk

I think we're moving into the recovery phase, says Dan Yergin, IHS Markit vice chairman, sharing his thoughts on oil and why prices could drift higher in the next five to six years as demand rebounds.


OPEC is practicing a market-share strategy: IHS Energy Insight

IHS Energy Insight's Victor Shum explains that that OPEC's strategy is to continue holding market share and let the market determine oil prices.


What's behind Toyota's 15% drop in Q1 operating profit?

A strong yen, earthquakes and supply chain issues affected the automaker's recent earnings, explained IHS Automotive's Stephanie Brinley.


Brazil's crisis distracting from Olympics: IHS analyst

Brazil today is a very different place to the Brazil of 2009, which won the Olympic bid during the commodity boom, says Carlos Caicedo of IHS Markit.


What to expect from Toyota's Q1 earnings

Healthy sales in China and the U.S. alongside recent corporate restructuring means Toyota should report strong earnings, says James Chao of IHS Markit.


Small business jobs-growth index eases in July from 2016 high

The Paychex IHS Small Business Jobs Index eased last month after hitting its highest level of the year in June.


What Didi-Uber deal says about China

China is a unique market in terms of competition, so consolidation is a smart move as it allows both firms to deploy resources in other growth areas, says Jeremy Carlson of IHS Markit.