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10 hot restaurant brands to watch to spot the next big hit

Interested in trying the next big restaurant before it goes mainstream? Fishbowl has released its annual list of the top 10 emerging restaurants to watch.


The only hot retail play has a scathing message for Trump

Jim Cramer spoke with PVH CEO Manny Chirico about President Donald Trump's effect on retail.


On the hunt for hot new startups nationwide: Steve Case

Steve Case, Revolution LLC chairman & CEO, and J.D. Vance, "Hillbilly Elegy" author, talk about their efforts to find venture deals that will change the economic landscape across the U.S.


How to pick the perfect location to buy a home, according to a real estate mogul

You have find the "sweet spot" between the hot spot and the fringe.


If you work in a hot job field, these cities are the best places to live

Workers in finance, health-care or tech fields can score a great job and affordable housing in these cities, say LinkedIn and Zillow.


FBI's Comey to testify on Russia and US 2016 election

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports FBI Director James Comey will be in the hot seat when he testifies today on Capitol Hill before the House Intelligence Committee.


Almost any retail or fashion story, they get hot and then the wheels come off: Newmark

CNBC’s Mike Santoli and contributor Evan Newmark discuss what's moving markets and retail, including Canada Goose.


Shopping for a home? You better act fast

It's cold outside, but hot indoors as housing experts say this might be the best time to sell (and a good time to buy).


Why trade is such a hot topic

CNBC's Seema Mody weighs in on trade and why it’s a hot topic.


I froze myself at minus 130 degrees to see if anti-ageing and fat loss claims were just hot air

I spent three minutes inside a freezing chamber to see whether the claimed benefits of electric whole body cryotherapy were true.