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Dow 20K back on?

Discussing whether the Dow will hit 20K following Donald Trump's inauguration with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.


Oil shortage could hit by 2020 if investment doesn't pick up: Saudi Energy Minister

There could by a shortage of oil supply by 2020 if investment flows continue at their current rate, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister has warned.


North Asia will be hit the hardest from Trump’s trade barriers: Goldman Sachs

North Asia will be hit the hardest when U.S. president-elect Trump follows through on his promises for more restrictive trade policies, Goldman Sachs wrote in a note.


Trump a ‘great supporter’ of NATO, says Norway PM

The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, has hit back at claims that President-elect Donald Trump believes NATO is redundant, saying his demands are just the same as his predecessors.


When asked, a bunch of people couldn't remember how to write a check

Now that all your bills can be paid via apps, comedians Lance and Alise hit the streets to see if New Yorkers remember how it was done before.


James Gorman: On track to hit our 2017 goals

James Gorman, Morgan Stanley CEO, talks about the impact of higher rates on the bank's business. It clearly helps in the net income, say Gorman.


Fastenal shares spike after earnings, hit 52-week high

Shares of construction supplier Fastenal jumped nearly 6 percent Wednesday after the firm posted better-than-expected quarterly earnings.


The U.S. hit a new record with more than 33,500 organ transplants in 2016

Organ transplants set new record in 2016. Sadly, it is due to a spike in deceased donors from drug overdoses.


Brexit 'trickle-down' effect could harm consumers, Liberty Global's Mike Fries says

If Brexit scares away foreign investors and slows U.K. industry, consumers could take a hit, Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries says.


Trump’s protectionist trade policy could be a concern, says Japan’s Kuroda

Donald Trump's protectionist policies would hit many regions if they led to a trade conflict, Bank of Japan chief Haruhiko Kuroda told CNBC on Wednesday.