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'Shark Tank' celebrates major milestones: $100 million in deals and 10,000 jobs created

More than 600 entrepreneurs have pitched ideas over 8 seasons on the hit reality show.


Here’s how mass deportation would hit your state’s economy

President Donald Trump's plans to deport millions of unauthorized workers would hurt a handful of states that rely most heavily on undocumented workers.


These 5 CEOs hit payday on post-election rally

CNBC's Wilfred Frost takes a look at which corporate leaders made the most money from the surge in stocks since Donald Trump won the White House.


RBS hit by higher misconduct charges

Filippo Alloatti, senior credit analyst at Hermes Investment Management, weighs in on whether banks like RBS are investable right now if they are still embroiled in legacy issues.


Tax talk hits retail stocks

Retail stocks are being hit by fears surrounding a border adjustment tax. CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports. The “Fast Money” traders weigh in.


Someone in Indiana hit a massive jackpot

A lucky someone in Indiana just got a whole lot richer.


This frothy market indicator hit a 25-year high, but some analysts aren't worried

The 14-day relative strength index for the Nasdaq 100 hit its highest since Jan. 9, 1992.


Facebook shares hit all-time high

Facebook is one of many tech companies to reach record levels this year.


Dakota Access protesters hit evacuation deadline

NBC'S Cal Perry reports the latest surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline protest camp, and their deadline to leave the grounds.


The Rock Bottom Moment that led to a Multi-Million Fortune

Before Brian Whiteway found success in his property restoration company, DallasWhite, he hit a low point. Brian talks about that moment and what motivated him to continue on. All-new Blue Collar Millionaires Wednesdays 10P ET/PT