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How to get trained by Facebook's CMO for a job in social media

Executives from LinkedIn, Alphabet's Google, Facebook partner with private university to train workers for the digital economy.


Snap Inc. investors to get zero votes: Report

Steve Brotman, Alpha Venture Partners, discusses reports of Snap Inc.'s "founder-friendly" IPO, and the lack of voting rights for its investors.


4 tips from Arianna Huffington to boost your productivity without burning out

Looking to get ahead? The entrepreneur suggests you get some sleep.


This work doesn't pay, but it can advance your career in surprising ways

Author and journalist Suzy Welch reveals how a certain type of unpaid work can help advance your career.


Donald Trump is the poster child of sleep deprivation: Arianna Huffington

The next four years would be infinitely better for the world if Trump opted to get a full nights rest, according to Arianna Huffington.


CEOs must focus on employees to get people’s trust back: Richard Edelman

Chief executives must flip the "pyramid of authority" and focus on their employees to gain trust with consumers, according to Richard Edelman


US-China trade war could get ugly pretty fast: Rajan

Raghuram Rajan at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business talks about the prospects of a trade war and central bank independence.


Use Mastercard as a way to get a leg up in the financial rally, analyst says

Todd Gordon of sees another way to play the financial rally.


IMF’s global growth forecast unchanged amid uncertainty over Trump... but the US will get a boost

Global uncertainty as a result of a looming Trump presidency has caused the IMF to leave its worldwide growth forecasts unchanged for 2016 and 2017.


UK Treasury's Simon Kirby says UK will get 'best possible Brexit'

"We won't have a hard or soft Brexit, we'll get the possible Brexit," Simon Kirby, economic secretary to the UK Treasury, told CNBC on Monday.