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Global crude oil discoveries plunge to record low, and it's gonna get worse

The Paris-based International Energy Agency has warned that insufficient investment could lead to a tightening of global oil supplies.


Trump's tax plan alone won't get him the 3% economic growth he hopes for, Mohamed El-Erian warns

"You need more," the Allianz chief economic advisor argues, citing infrastructure spending and the need to boost productivity.


Mick Mulvaney: Looking to get back to 3% growth

Mick Mulvaney OMB director talks about negotiating with Congress to avoid a government shutdown.


Wilbur Ross: Current balance sheet only works if we grow faster

We have to get more than three-percent growth, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talking about addressing the nation's growing debt while promoting growth.


Expect words rather than actions from ECB for now: Strategist

David Stubbs, global market strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, explains why the ECB wants to get past the French election, past new data, before getting to the summer where they may discuss scaling down asset purchases.


Risk of a dollar sell-off?

Greg Matwejev, Morris Capital, says if Trump fails to get some of his policies passed, a "big dollar sell-off" could take place.


New calls for Elon Musk to 'dump Trump'

Doug Derwin, Silicon Valley startup investor, discusses his push to get Elon Musk to 'dump Trump.' Derwin says President Trump's policies directly contradict Musk's core values.


Despite market highs, it's not too late to get into the game, experts say

Investors just have to have realistic expectations, Edward Jones' Kate Warne explained.


Breakingviews: Twitter will need more than just user growth for investors to stick around

The struggling social-media company touted user growth as evidence it can get back on track under moonlighting boss Jack Dorsey.

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Entrepreneurs reveal 5 things they learned from working at Google that helped them get ahead

These founders succeeded by applying lessons learned at Google HQ.