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Where to get a McDonald's McSpicy sandwich or McFlurry Prestígio in the US

The McDonald's corporate headquarters restaurant in Chicago will now feature McDonald's items unique to foreign countries, USA Today reports.

Source: USA Today

Investors need to get used to having to work for returns, says strategist

Karyn Cavanaugh, Voya Investment Management senior market strategist, and Nick Raich, The Earnings Scout CEO, discuss their expectations for this earnings season and how rising rates are affecting the overall market.


The midterm elections could send the Dow tumbling this year, history shows

It has been a tough year for the Dow Jones industrial average thus far as the 30-stock index struggles for gains. History shows it could get a lot tougher because of the midterm elections scheduled for later in 2018.


Here’s what Trump and Cook meeting could mean for trade and immigration

James Pethokoukis, AEI, and Ina Fried, Axios tech correspondent, discuss the several meetings between President Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook and what the tech industry expects to get out of the Trump administration.


The millionaire who buried treasure in the Rockies can get 100 emails a day—here's what they say

In 2010, Forrest Fenn buried a treasure chest worth millions and offered hunters one main clue.


Check out this A.I. company's high-tech Sydney HQ — get your fingerprint ready

Biometric ID passes are just one of several innovative features built into the Australian data firm's Sydney headquarters.


How to download a copy of everything Apple knows about you

Apple, like Facebook and Google, lets you download a data file that shows the information it has stored on you. Here's how to get it.


Democrats get some good news even as they are projected to lose in a heavily Republican House district in Arizona

Republican Debbie Lesko is projected to win Tuesday's Arizona House special election over Democrat Hiral Tipirneni.


Your Social Security check could be less than you expect. Here's how to prevent that

The difference between how much you expect from Social Security and what you actually get might be bigger than you think. Take these steps now to increase your benefits.


Google just gave Gmail a huge makeover — here's how to get the most out of it

Google didn't just refresh the design of its Gmail desktop app. It added many capabilities, including a sidebar with Google Calendar and a confidential mode.