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Award shows get political as stars speak out at Oscars, Grammys, SAG Awards and more

From the red carpet and performances to passionate speeches, CNBC takes a look at some of the most political moments from this year's Awards Season.


The American Greed Report: Don’t get stuck with stolen goods: These are the most trafficked items

These are busy times in the shoplifting industry. What used to be thought of as petty theft is now a $30 billion a year business that retailers and law enforcement call "organized retail crime."


As Trump unmuzzles the economy, rosy scenario will become economic reality

Get rid of the state-sponsored barriers to growth and watch how common-sense incentive-minded policies turn rosy scenario into economic reality.


No president has ever waited this long to get a Cabinet approved

More than a month in, nearly half of Trump's Cabinet nominees have yet to be confirmed by the Senate, the longest run for any modern president.


Cold warning

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov has been a critic and opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin for more than a decade. We get his perspective on whether the Russian leader can be a friend, or a foe to the U.S.


Two angel investors in Uber say efforts to change company culture from within didn't work

Efforts to get Uber to change its "toxic patterns" were ineffective, said Mitch and Freda Kapor of Kapor Capital in an open letter to the company.


Exclusive Sneak Peek

Get a first look at the upcoming premiere episode of The Partner as ten candidates compete for a position to work alongside The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis and acquire a stake in his multi-million dollar company. The Partner Series Premiere March 7 | Tuesday 10P ET/PT


These markets will get hammered by border tax

Wall Street isn't pricing in a potential border tax and that could be dangerous, says UBS's Alejo Czerwonko.


When disaster strikes, you can get a tax break

If you suffered a loss in a federally declared disaster area, or a casualty or theft loss in another situation, the IRS may offer a reprieve.


The biggest loser if Trump ignites a trade war with China

Taiwan's export-dependent economy would reel if the US and China get into a trade war. To mitigate risk the province is cultivating ties elsewhere in Asia.