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Far-left government has cost Greece two years of economic gains: Opposition leader

Syriza has set Greece’s economy back two years, the leader of the country’s main opposition party said, as he called for snap elections.


Higher US interest rates are long overdue: Economist

The U.S. monetary policy is not appropriate for the current state of the economy, says Sam Chandan of Chandan Economics.


Trade data boost Q3 GDP estimates

CNBC's Steve Liesman gives a CNBC Rapid Update on estimates for third-quarter GDP.


US GDP revised to 1.4%, better-than-expected

US economic growth was less sluggish than previously thought in the second quarter.


Fed's George: Economy would still grow with rate hike

Kansas City Fed President Esther George shares her outlook on the economy and makes her case for an increase in interest rates.


Esther George: Politics not a factor for Fed

The Fed is apolitical, says Kansas City Fed President Esther George, commenting on the Federal Reserve and sharing her thoughts on a divided Fed and her desire for a rate hike.


Esther George: Economic data points to progress

Kansas City Fed President Esther George, shares her thoughts on the morning's top economic data on trade, jobs and economic growth.


Trump still thinks he can reach 4% GDP growth. Here's how often that happens

Donald Trump still thinks his policies can boost American GDP growth to 4 percent, which could prove difficult based on recent history.


Yellen: 1.8% GDP growth projected this year

At a news conference following the FOMC meeting, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks about economic projections.


Putin hasn’t got vast secret wealth and I don’t work for the Kremlin: VTB chief

The head of a top Russian bank downplayed reports suggesting Putin has vast secret wealth, stressing the leader was “very much dedicated to his job.”