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White House backs GOP's short-term spending bill — but Lindsey Graham says he's against it

Sanders said the White House seeks two-year spending legislation, but would prefer a stop-gap measure to a government shutdown.


Two-thirds of the UK’s gender pay gap cannot be explained, says statistics body

British women were paid almost ten percent less than male counterparts during 2017.


Michelle Williams getting 1 percent of Mark Wahlberg's fee is not actually that unusual for Hollywood

Here's how much more actors make than actresses in Hollywood, where the pay gap is even worse than in the rest of America.


Tina Brown on gender equality: 'If women get noisier it could happen'

Former Vanity Fair editor, reflects on the evolving workplace culture and wage gap for women in Hollywood, the media business, and the possibility of Oprah running for president.


Michelle Williams reportedly got 1,000 times less than Mark Wahlberg—here's how to ensure that won't happen to you

The salary disparity between "All the Money in the World" co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams highlights America's gender pay gap.


North Korea came to talks because it 'needed a little respite'

Daniel Sneider of the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center says the U.S. does not want a gap to open with Seoul on North Korea policy.


Japan has some 'catch-up' potential on earnings

Tuan Huynh of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management says an expected wider rate gap between the Bank of Japan and the Fed should see the dollar gain on the yen in 2018.


Energy and financials still showing value for 2018

A refining capacity gap favors oil companies in Asia, says Sat Duhra of Janus Henderson Investors.


Wells Fargo: Yield curve will flatten out further in 2018

Wells Fargo chief economist John Silvia says the gap between the 2 and 10-year Treasuries will widen further in 2018 and the Fed will raise rates 3 times.


House passes spending bill to avert a government shutdown

The stop-gap measure to fund the government now heads to the Senate for a final vote.