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'Fortnite' is free to play but makes billions anyway

The free video game "Fortnite" is a massively popular game that is generating hundreds of millions of dollars each month in revenue. But unlike other popular online games like "Call of Duty" franchise, "Fortnite" is free to play.


How a free game like 'Fortnite' makes $3.5 billion a year

This is how the free video game 'Fortnite' might make more than $3 billion annually. It all comes down to a frenzied player base that is eager to spend real money on virtual currencies that don't have any impact on actual gameplay.


Apple blocks Steam's plan to extend its video games to iPhones

Apple has blocked the plans of the biggest distributor of PC-based video games to extend its reach into iPhones, according to the game distributor.

Source: Reuters,

Aston Villa and Fulham battle for the biggest prize in soccer — worth $370 million

The biggest cash prize the game has to offer will actually be given out at Wembley Stadium a few hours earlier — with a game potentially worth more than $370 million.


Fair game

Next time you’re at a game watching the action, you could be watched too. At many pro stadiums and arenas, Fancam has installed 360-degree giga-pixel cameras that clearly captures every seat. We ask Slate’s Technology Writer April Glaser who is buying the facial recognition data Fancam is selling and how they could use it.


Trump and Europe are entering a 'game of chicken' over Iran nuclear deal sanctions

Europe is preparing measures to protect its companies from U.S. sanctions on Iran, and the fallout is hard to predict.


Your vintage video game systems, old iPods and disco-era TVs could be worth big bucks

Old video game systems, TVs, record players and iPods are in hot demand right now, USA Today reports.

Source: USA Today

Analyst: Here's what we learned about Fortnite from 12-year-olds

Timothy O’Shea, Jefferies analyst, discusses his firm’s conference call with 12-year-olds who play the wildly popular game Fortnite in order to understand the phenomenon.


It's too early to say Trump caved on trade negotiations with China

President Donald Trump's hopes to obliterate a $375 billion trade deficit are proceeding not with grandiose game-changing home runs but with the equivalent of check-swing singles.


From rule-breakers to rule-makers: How Uber, Airbnb and other star start-ups scale up for success

The biggest challenge of landing on the Disruptor 50 list isn't coming up with a game-changing idea. It's transitioning from a fast-moving start-up that breaks all the rules into a sustainable business that plays by the rules.