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Barrier-free access to the single market is key: CBI

It’s very important that we do take a “whole-economy approach” to the Brexit negotiations, as every sector will be affected, says CBI Director General, Carolyn Fairbairn.


Iran attempts to attract more foreign investment

Free trade zones, special economic zones and tax exemptions are ways Iran is attempting to attract foreign investors, says Invest in Iran's Ahmad Jamali.


DFS opens high-end duty-free stores at Changi Airport, selling wine, whiskey, cigars

From virtual reality to a "wine room," Singapore's Changi Airport is home to some very high-end travel retail.


Fancy a duty-free $30,000 bottle of whiskey before you hop on the flight?

Some passengers at Singapore's Changi Airport are shelling out -- in some cases more than a hundred thousand dollars -- for a bottle a flight.


Granddaughter scores free World Series seats for 97-year-old grandfather

Helen Schlegel launched a social media campaign to send her 97-year-old grandfather to watch the Chicago Cubs play in the 2016 World Series. CNBC's Marcus Lemonis stepped in to help the war veteran and long-time Cubs fan make the game.


5 free online classes that will help you get hired

LinkedIn is offering hundreds of free courses on skills that could boost your resume.


Best Buy offers free shipping for online orders until Christmas

For the second year in a row, Best Buy will eliminate its typical $35 minimum order requirement for shoppers to receive complimentary delivery.


Politics... no facts, all personality: Ballmer

I'm a free market guy, says Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, sharing his thoughts on politics, the tech industry, and government spending.


CETA could be EU’s last free trade agreement: Tusk

A region of Belgium is threatening an entire trade deal between Canada and the EU. CNBC’s Nancy Hungerford reports from Brussels.


Even President Obama is making fun of the Galaxy Note 7

Poor Samsung. Even the leader of the free world won't spare them from ridicule, The Verge reports.

Source: The Verge