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Weissman: Mylan must exert self-control

Paul Howard, Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow director of the Center for Medical Progress, and Robert Weissman, Public Citizen president, share their take on Mylan, the EpiPen pricing outrage and regulation versus the free market.


The app that teachers want their students using in school

Remind is a free text messaging app that is used by 35 million students, teachers and parents in more than 50% of U.S. public schools.


UK government told: ‘You can borrow for free, so get spending’

The U.K. government is being told to increase spending on infrastructure projects to help offset any Brexit related slowdown.


Is tax-free shopping worth it?

Many states are offering tax-free holidays, but do they really help the states and retailers? CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports.


Gary Johnson (Libertarian) on climate change

Gary Johnson, who boasts of never having raised a penny of new taxes as a governor, calls a tax on carbon emissions the free market answer to curbing climate change.


One-time emerging market darling Mongolia is running out of cash

The Mongolian currency is in free fall, raising speculation that the cash-strapped government will struggle without external assistance.


Colleges offering a free year to encourage graduation

Many universities are pushing to provide students a free year of tuition if they don't graduate on time.


Colleges dangle free year to get students to finish

But some college offers of free tuition for a fifth year come with strings attached to get students to finish in four years.


Ads tout fake 'Obama student loan forgiveness'

Shady companies are charging unaware borrowers for federal student-loan services that are available for free.


McDonald's limits free food for Olympians

McDonald's is now capping free food for athletes at the Olympics. CNBC's Kelly Evans discusses.