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British businesses set to welcome UK's post-Brexit free trade deal: CBI

British businesses welcomed PM Theresa May's pledge to secure a new free trade deal, according to CBI's director-general.


Welcoming by business to new UK free trade arrangement

Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the Confederation of British Industry, responds to the U.K. Prime Minsiter's Brexit speech on the single market.


'Free trade is always better than no trade,' JPMorgan International Chairman Jacob Frenkel says

The contentious rhetoric around free trade will quiet down once its benefits are realized, JPMorgan Chase Chairman Jacob Frenkel says.


EBay CEO: We are watching Trump's trade evolution

Devin Wenig, eBay CEO, shares his thoughts on free trade and President-elect Trump's immigration plan.


JPM's Frenkel: Trade benefits must be shared

Jacob Frenkel, JPMorgan Chase International, provides insight to free trade, the impact of low rates, and bank regulations.


It's in Trump's interest to protect free trade: Asian Development Bank

The president of the Asian Development Bank is hopeful that the new U.S. administration will not put an end to free trade despite the protectionist views of the upcoming president.


Asia waiting on Trump's protectionist policies: Asia Development Bank President

Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao adds that "free trade is the essence of success in Asia."


Trump’s protectionism does not worry China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The benefits of free trade and cross border investment are so clear that the recently-established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is not concerned over President-elect Trump’s protectionist policies.


Trump will use 4 real estate business tricks to rebuild the US

Depending on the outcome of Trump's bet, the economy could finally break free of its lethargy or find itself in a deep recession, says Jay N. Rollins.


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