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Who could replace Cohn at Goldman?

With Goldman Sachs president & COO Gary Cohn tapped to lead the National Economic Council under President-elect Trump, CNBC's Wilfred Frost reports on what will happen if he leaves the firm.


Homeland Security linked to attempted hack of Georgia's election database

A third-party security firm working for the state says the hack was traced back to the Department of Homeland Security.


Nomura lists 'grey swan' risks for 2017

The firm outline unlikely, but potentially impactful events next year, calling them 'grey swan' risks.


Wilbur Ross will be ‘great’ for the US, says colleague

President-elect Donald Trump's Commerce secretary pick will be great for the United States, says a managing director at Wilbur Ross's investment firm.


I'd 'love' to see Twitter acquired for this reason: Early investor Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca, one of the earliest investors in Twitter, told CNBC that he would "love" to see the social media firm acquired as that could boost innovation.


Goldman Sachs President and COO Gary Cohn is considering leaving the firm: Report

Goldman Sachs President and COO Gary Cohn has been weighing his future at the firm and has had discussions about leaving, Dow Jones reported Wednesday.


Stocks to rise 9 percent in 2017 as Trump boosts inflation, lowers regulation, JPMorgan says

Donald Trump's "expansionary fiscal policies" will likely raise the stock market's multiple, the firm says.


India's cash crisis pushes banks to go digital: Mobile payment firm

Tonetag Founder Kumar Abhishek explains how India's latest demonetization move pushes public banks to start adopting digital and contactless payment systems.


US companies positioning for Cuba's rising fortunes after Fidel Castro

There are pockets of new money in this emerging market, and US companies like Google and Nike are establishing firm footholds.


Ownership change won’t make a big difference: Moleskine CEO

Moleskine CEO, Arrigo Berni, says Belgian distribution firm D'Ieteren is investing in Moleskine as it believes in the manufacturer’s growth prospects.