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Should Tesla shareholders be concerned over car fire?

David Undercoffler, Automotive News, shares his take on Tesla's recent car fire incident, and whether or not investors should be concerned.


Olympic lawyers go for gold in trademark protection

The U.S. Olympic Committee has been under fire for aggressively enforcing its trademarks this year. It's not the first time.


Donald Trump just set the house on fire. Now what?

Donald Trump essentially set the house on fire by shaking up his staff at this juncture. So what happens now? Jake Novak weighs in.


Playing with fire: Is your job one of the most dangerous?

Here are the most and least dangerous professions, according to North American job website CareerCast.


Team Trump takes fire

CNBC's John Harwood reports Donald Trump's comments about Second Amendment people stopping Hillary Clinton is causing controversy as a new poll shows Trump lagging in the polls.


The key tech stocks that rally longer than the broader Nasdaq index

The Nasdaq was on fire in July. These tech stocks are the most likely to keep the rally going based on market history.


Bank of England adds fuel to already exploding corporate debt market

U.S. corporations are on track to raise a trillion dollars in new debt this year, and the Bank of England just added more fuel to the bond fire.


As Sand Fire rages, feds turn up heat in fight against drones interfering in wildfires

Drone hobbyist intrusions during wildfires are creating hazards for firefighting aircraft, but a new high-tech system has them fighting back.


California wildfire triples in size

A sand fire north of Los Angeles continues to grow, driven by hot, dry and windy conditions.


Goldman Sachs under fire for role in collapsed UK deal

Goldman Sachs gave credibility to a deal dubbed the “unacceptable face of capitalism”, according to a critical report by MPs.