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FAA warns airlines about electronics in checked bags

The FAA issued a notice this week that said portable electronic devices pose less of a fire threat when carried on-board a plane.


Elon Musk: We need a lunar base to help 'fire up' the public about space travel

Speaking at the International Space Station Research and Development Conference on Wednesday, Tesla and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk said we need to build a base on the moon to help support missions to Mars and to spur public support for space exploration.


Trump: Meeting with Russian lawyer was 'opposition research'

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron answers questions from the press about Russia and the cease fire in Syria after delivering a joint conference in France.


More than 70 firefighters in London battle tremendous blaze at famous market

London firefighters battled a fire in Camden early Monday morning.


Russia says Trump accepted Putin's denial on election meddling; US disputes that

After Trump and Putin's highly anticipated meeting, the countries also announced a Syria cease-fire deal.


Massive Oakland fire is contained with no injuries: Reports

A massive fire at a construction site in Oakland, California, has been contained by firefighters after hundreds evacuated, reports say.


US and Russia to announce cease-fire in southwest Syria: AP

CNBC's Eamon Javers breaks down an AP story reporting that the US and Russia will announce a cease-fire in southwest Syria.


A massive fire is consuming a construction site in Oakland: Reports

A four-alarm fire began Friday morning at a construction site in Oakland and firefighters fear the crane at the site may soon collapse.


Two injured in fire at Honeywell Aerospace plant in Oklahoma

A fire of undetermined origin broke out Tuesday morning at a Honeywell Aerospace facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Engine on United flight catches fire after landing at Denver airport

The engine of a SkyWest passenger jet caught fire moments after the aircraft landed at Denver International Airport on Sunday.