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Mongolian coal miners bet on One Belt, One Road to feed demand

Coal miners operating in Mongolia are betting on China's massive "One Belt, One Road" program to access new markets.


Finding the truth behind US food system: Kind Snacks CEO

Daniel Lubetzky, Kind Snacks founder and CEO, talks about a new organization called "Feed the Truth" which aims to bring more transparency to the U.S. food industry.


Hillary Clinton takes to Twitter to gloat over court's immigration ruling

Hillary Clinton just couldn't resist trolling President's Trump's Twitter feed after a federal appeals court refused to order the reinstatement of Trump's executive order.

Source: USA Today

Facebook is testing News Feed-style ads inside Messenger

Facebook will soon show some users News Feed-style carousel ads inside Messenger as part of a new test.

Source: Recode

This fintech app reads Donald Trump's tweets for you

Gareth Mann, CEO of, talks about how the app will monitor the U.S. President's Twitter feed to alert users on potential stock outlooks.