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Cramer’s earnings approach: Buy at the end of the week, not the beginning

Jim Cramer shares his game plan of stocks and events he will be watching and is ready to strike at the end of the week.


ExxonMobil starts bidding war for InterOil

The world's biggest oil company makes a bid worth at least $2.2-billion for InterOil and its stake in a rich Papua New Guinea gas field.


Dow headed to 20K?

Rich Ross, Evercore ISI, goes off the charts to look at the Dow's record high and what could take it even higher.


The missing factor in new highs: Dividends

The S&P is at a new high, but it has been there all year, once you factor in dividend gains of roughly 2.2 percent.


Don’t panic. Big oil stocks are in a sweet spot, says top-ranked analyst

Oil prices are shedding their gains, but Evercore analyst Doug Terreson said it's not time to abandon the big oil trade.


Buy big cap oil?

Stewart Glickman, S&P Global Market Intelligence Oil Analyst & Senior Associate Director, discusses his views on the oil market and some names in the space.


Amazon overtakes Berkshire

CNBC's Dominic Chu reports that Amazon has overtaken Berkshire Hathaway for fifth place in terms of biggest overall market cap.


Terreson: We remain overweight S&P integrated oils

Doug Terreson, Evercore ISI Head of Energy Research, discusses his views on big oil names and where the commodity could go from here.


Move of the day: XLE

The "Fast Money" traders give their takes on the XLE Energy ETF as it fell during trading alongside a 5% decline in oil.


US oil reserves top Saudi Arabia, Russia

Oppenheimer & Co senior energy analyst Fadel Gheit, weighs in on oil prices and the supply and demand for oil globally.