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EU no longer has an ‘alibi’ for inaction, says ex-Italian PM

Brexit has provided the EU with a great opportunity to achieve results without the hurdles put in the way by Britain, Italy's ex-prime minister told CNBC.


Greek deal could be reached by next month: EU commissioner

Greece’s latest debt crisis could hopefully be resolved as soon as next month, the vice-president of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, told CNBC.


How France scrapping the euro could go beyond a ‘Lehman moment’

The French electorate runs the risk of creating a crisis worse than the fall of Lehman Brothers if it instigates an EU referendum, says Deutsche Bank.


EU tax chief admits Le Pen winning would be the end of the European project

Far-right Marine Le Pen cannot, will not and must not win this year’s French election – and the French are not crazy enough to let her, says Moscovici.


EU ministers meet in Brussels to talk growth

CNBC's Nancy Hungerford reports creditors agree to resume bailout talks with Greece, and EU finance chiefs shrug off France election fears.


Trump support for EU is strong, says US vice president

The U.S. Vice President has told Brussels the U.S. wants "deeper ties" with the European Union.


The official Brexit referendum date was announced a year ago. Here’s how markets have performed

Exactly a year ago former British Prime Minister David Cameron officially announced that Britain would hold its EU referendum vote on June 23.


Greek debt is back in the spotlight

Gabriel Stein, MD at 4CAST-RGE, says it is unlikely an agreement will come out of the meeting among EU finance ministers in Brussels today.


Look at the EU for fashion talent and skills: Expert

Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, talks about the impact of Brexit on the fashion industry and talent.


Britain sees largest drop in EU workers for 5 years, fueling fears of a labor shortage

The number of EU citizens working in the U.K. saw its largest drop in five years during the last three months of 2016; ONS.