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EU unveils new $346m 'Space Egg' HQ

The EU's new futuristic Brussels HQ is designed to symbolize 'joy'.


EU fines JPMorgan, Credit Agricole, HSBC for manipulating euro-related benchmarks

The European Commission fined banks Credit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase a total of 485 million euros ($520 million) for their part in a cartel to fix the price of financial benchmarks linked to the euro.


Merkel to focus on security, EU in campaign: Expert

Prof. Jürgen W. Falter, political scientist & far-right expert at University of Mainz, talks about how Angela Merkel is going to garner more support to be re-elected as Germany’s Chancellor.


Rather depressing outlook for Europe: Expert

John Browne at Euro Pacific Capital talks about euro zone GDP and the possibility of EU countries breaking away from the euro.


EU clears Microsoft buy of LinkedIn with conditions

CNBC's John Lipton reports that EU antitrust regulators have cleared the way for Microsoft to buy LinkedIn.


UK should focus on its relationship with the EU before it deals with Trump: Ex-Bush aide

A post-Brexit government should focus on its new relationship with the EU before cementing ties with the US, a former White House official told CNBC.


Investors aren't abandoning Italy: Economist

Marie Owens Thomsen at Indosuez WM says that it's business in usual in Italy after the referendum and that the country isn't leaving the EU anytime soon.


US tech giants like Facebook could face new EU laws forcing them to tackle hate speech

U.S. technology firms including Facebook and Twitter could face new laws forcing them to deal with online hate speech, the European Commission warned.


Austrians would not vote to leave the EU: Professor

Was the Austrian election a ‘litmus test vote’ on the European Union? Oliver Rathkolb, professor of contemporary history at University of Vienna, explains why he believes so.


Germany is propping up anti-EU forces by throwing its weight around

Believing in euro's perennity as a viable transactions currency and a store of value looks like a formidable act of faith.