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Finally getting pragmatism in EU banks: Fund manager

Eric Lonergan, fund manager at M&G, says we’re not in a crisis but the Italian banking system “still needs a lot of cleaning up.”


Op-Ed: Germans fearing China's world order? Worry about the EU instead

Germany should leave big power relations alone, writes Michael Ivanovitch.


Brexit: One Year Later

Peter Spiegel of the Financial Times discusses the market impact of Brexit talks a year after the UK's vote to leave the EU.


EC's Tusk raises prospect of UK staying in the EU

CNBC's Willem Marx updates from Brussels on the opening tone of divorce talks between the U.K. and the European Union.


Brexit 12 months on: Here’s what has happened since the UK voted to leave the EU

With Friday marking the one year anniversary of the U.K.'s vote on its EU membership, CNBC looks back at some of the big moments since that fateful day.


UK PM: We've set out fair and serious offer for EU citizens

British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to reporters in Brussels about EU citizens’ rights, ahead of the second day of the EU Summit.


EU leaders welcome UK PM’s offer on EU citizens’ rights

Former Portuguese Minister for Europe Bruno Macaes explains why the European Union is likely to ask for more from the U.K. when it comes to Brexit negotiations.


EU flexes military muscles with new defense plan

Former Portuguese Minister for Europe Bruno Macaes talks about security cooperation and the future of defense in Europe.


Global CFOs give their outlook for the US, EU and UK

Karen Tso breaks down the details from CNBC’s Global CFO Council survey, where CFOs revealed that they had a brighter view on the future of the euro zone and U.S., than Britain.


Merkel: Britain's offer to EU citizens is a good start

CNBC’s Willem Marx talks about the questions that linger when it comes to Brexit negotiations and the rights for EU citizens.