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Weekly Agenda: From EU visas to 'Fearless Girl'

CNBC breaks down the big stories to watch out for this week.


Japan’s Abe wants to cooperate with the EU and US on free trade

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan wants to work together with Europe and the U.S. on free trade.


As Brexit looms, half of small UK businesses are looking stateside

Almost half of small British businesses would prefer to trade with the U.S. than other major markets if blocked off from the EU after Brexit.


EU to hold summit on April 29 as Brexit negotiations begin

President Donald Tusk of the European Council said Tuesday on Twitterthe EU will adopt its guidelines for the Brexit talks at a summit on April 29th.


Hamon is pro-Europe, pro-EU: Socialist Party MP

Socialist Party MP Karine Berger talks about the latest developments in the French presidential election campaign, with comment on candidates Benoît Hamon and Emmanuel Macron.


EU wants to deter other members from exiting: Pro

Jim McCaughan, CEO of Principal Global Investors, argues that "EU negotiators are not necessarily rational economic actors."


Dairy and autos: Japan and the EU talk trade

Sheila Smith of the Council on Foreign Relations says political momentum might drive the conversation between Japanese and European leaders.


Japan’s Abe and Germany’s Merkel talk up free trade, urge ‘sluggish’ EU to sign key deal

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the EU to finally sign a free trade deal with Japan.


It's what Trump didn't say with Merkel that worries Europe: Former US ambassador to NATO

If you were listening for U.S. support for the EU, you didn't hear it from President Trump, said Nick Burns, former U.S. ambassador to NATO.


Brexit will take 'longer rather than shorter'

Benjamin Gregg at The University of Texas at Austin says the type of deal the U.K. cuts with the EU is more important than when Brexit will happen.