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There's been hype around the new Mi Note 2 but...

Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 is unlikely to win over users of the more high-end Galaxy Note 7 that has been recalled, says IDC's Tay Xiaohan.


Three signs stocks could end the year on a good note

Things are looking better for stocks with the end of the earnings recession, big corporate deals, and, this week, the largest IPO of the year so far.


Don't let the election — and market uncertainty — upend your portfolio

Market jitters don't end when Americans cast ballots. There will be plenty of reasons to stay in protect-your-money mode after the election.


S&P 500 set to drop by up to 10 percent before year-end: Nomura ‘perma-bear’ Janjuah

U.S. stocks are sitting at a critical point and the S&P 500 index could drop by up to 10 percent before year-end, according to Nomura's Bob Janjuah.


The upside of high-deductible plans for boomers

Unlike an flexible savings account, health savings account funds don't expire at the end of the year and they're portable when you change jobs or insurers.


Jewelry makers' new challenge: Can lab-grown diamonds still be a girl’s best friend

In order to end the flow of conflict diamonds, jewelry makers are jumping on a trend of "ethically sourced" jewels, some of which are grown in a lab.


Busiest day for earnings, GDP and more coming in the next week

Earnings, U.S. data and Fed speak due in coming days could help add confidence to a picture of moderate growth and an end to the earnings recession.


Key levels for oil before end of 2016: Technical analyst

Technical analyst Louise Yamada says these are the key levels to watch for oil before the end of 2016.


Top strategist Tom Lee says 'elements' for a year-end rally in place

Strategist Tom Lee is advising clients buy a group of out-of-favor stocks to capitalize on a year-end rally.


Former NHTSA official says regulations could slow Tesla's autonomous tech by years

Sending a fully autonomous Tesla from Los Angeles to New York by the end of 2017 is ambitious, but maybe not realistic, says a former NHTSA official.