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First date: UK's May to meet Germany's Merkel to talk Brexit

The U.K.'s new Prime Minister Theresa May is heading to Berlin on Wednesday afternoon for a working dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Why tonight's full moon is called a 'buck moon'

Names of moons date back to pre-colonial North America, and were used to keep track of seasons and important events.


Call of the Day: Coach

Coach is saying their brand transformation and improving sales will push the stock higher, which is already up 30% year-to-date. The "FMHR" discuss their views on the stock.


Shkreli charged with multiple counts of fraud

Former biotech CEO Martin Shkreli is back in court today and now faces eight counts of fraud and conspiracy with a trial date set for June 2017. CNBC's Meg Tirrell reports.


Line set to be biggest tech IPO of 2016

The Japanese mobile messaging app's dual US-Japan IPO will be the largest of any tech company this year to date.


These are the emerging markets investors should look at

Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia have offered more than ten percent returns year-to-date in dollar terms, says Ecognosis Advisory's Andrew Freris.


Puerto Rico to register largest default to date

The cash-strapped island is expected to miss a payment of $2-billion in debt obligations on Friday.


Puerto Rico set to register largest default to date

Puerto Rico is set to register its largest default to date on Friday as $2 billion in debt payments are due to its creditors.


UK's Cameron braces for painful dinner date in Brussels

Outgoing U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is attending a European summit in Brussels on Tuesday where pressure is expected to be applied on the U.K.


Are US equities oversold post-Brexit?

The year-to-date decline in the S&P 500 could be a good opportunity for investors to buy on the dip, says Bill Stone from PNC Asset Management Group.