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Next on | Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Million-Dollar Cracker Jack Prize

Secret Lives of the Super Rich | "Vegas' Most Expensive Mansion & The $100,000 Facial | America's Most Expensive Zip Code & The $1,000,000 Junker": Step inside the lives of the super wealthy to see the richest zip code in the United States and the Cracker Jack prize worth a million dollars. All-new Thursdays 10P ET


Rep. Schweikert: August timeline 'realistic' for tax reform

Rep. David Schweikert, (R-Ariz.), discusses the GOP's drive to overhaul the current tax code and defends the border tax proposal.


$35M mansion comes with a robotic toilet

CNBC's Robert Frank gets to give a preview of a $35 million smart mansion located in the most expensive zip code.


Could the border adjustment battle derail tax reform?

CNBC's Ylan Mui discusses how the Trump administration's planned overhaul of the tax code could impact inversion deals and drug companies.


Watching Trump's trade policy

Adrian Mowat of J.P. Morgan says what it is important to see if a form of trade tariffs will be embedded into the U.S. tax code.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: The tax code will be easier for Trump to reform than Obamacare

Emanuel has been the target of Trump's barbs over surging gun violence and the "sanctuary" Chicago provides illegal immigrants.


Trump gets an earful about a tax that retailers call 'risky and unproven'

The companies hope to drive home the potential damage that could be inflicted if their costs increase under any overhaul of the tax code.


No tax reform without border adjustment tax, Rep. Nunes says

The only way the U.S. can get its tax code into the 21st century is to move to a full consumption-based system, Rep. Devin Nunes says.


Rep. Schweikert: Tax reform as much about economic growth as payroll growth

Rep. David Schweikert (R-Arizona), House Ways & Means Committee member, discusses the Congressional push to reform the tax code.


What would Trump’s potential tax reform mean for SMEs?

Crossbridge Capital Head of Investments Manish Singh weighs in on whether President Donald Trump will have any success in creating a much clearer, fairer tax code.