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Brooks Brothers warns of payment card security incident

Brooks Brothers said a malicious software could have affected users' name, payment card account number, card expiration date or card verification code.


In quest for Millennials, financial firms try to 'crack the code'

Getting millennials to invest isn't easy, so Wall Street is targeting potential investors in new ways, USA Today reports.

Source: USA Today

As synthetic DNA is being researched, ethical questions are coming to surface

Ethics are being questioned over a project to make synthetic genetic code at Harvard Medical School.


Uber’s Travis Kalanick has canceled his Code Conference interview

The embattled CEO says he has to stay at the office due to the delayed Holder report on Uber’s troubled culture.

Source: Recode

Donald Trump is fumbling his real chance at tax reform

To overhaul the code, he needs to start sweating some details, says Jim Tankersley.

Source: Vox

Rep. Schweikert: Trump's tax plan won't hit scoring numbers to make it permanent

Rep. David Schweikert, (R-Ariz.), and Rep. Joe Crowley, (D-N.Y.), talk about revamping the nation's tax code. The plan has not been scored so we don't know what the impact will be, says Rep. Crowley.


Trump has a plan to change the tax code to make himself much, much richer

Without Trump's tax returns, it's difficult to estimate the value of his own haul from federal tax reform, Vox reports.

Source: Vox

Mnuchin: Our objective is to simplify taxes

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary, discusses what to expect from President Trump's tax plan, including simplifying the current tax code and move quickly on getting that done.


Mnuchin: This will be biggest tax cut in US history

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary, talks about implementing tax reform which simplifies the tax code and makes it more competitive for business.


More evidence surfaces that Google is planning to launch three new phones

Code discovered in Android Open Source Project may provide new details on three new Google Pixel smartphones.