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Ryan: We are going to fix tax code once and for all

House Speaker Paul Ryan delivers a speech on tax reform before the National Association of Manufacturers.


Speaker Paul Ryan tries to save 'crown jewel' of GOP agenda: Tax reform

House Speaker Paul Ryan will warn Tuesday against watering down the sweeping overhaul of the nation's tax code he laid out a year ago.


A refugee coding class is giving hope to those forced to leave their homes

Students who've been through Code Your Future's course are now beginning to find jobs.


These are the most expensive zip codes in the country

You might already know the zip code 90210, but it didn't make the list.


Tax reform needs to be about more than a tax cut

We only get the chance to rework the tax code every 30 years. We can't blow it this time with a small, temporary tax cut, says former Walmart US CEO Bill Simon.


DNA study maps genetic code to rethink human aging

J. Craig Venter, Human Longevity Inc., explains how gathering massive amounts of data is helping to pioneer advances in genome studies and contribute to changing the way scientist think about health and aging.


Tech toy alert: This friendship bracelet teaches girls to code

Jewelbots, a programmable friendship bracelet, is on a mission to make coding popular among preteen girls.


Intel CEO: We need to engage in Paris Climate Accord

CNBC's Jon Fortt is live at the Code Conference with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talking about President Trump's decision on the Paris Climate Accord.


Intel CEO: Growth areas are growing double digits

CNBC's Jon Fortt is live at the Code Conference with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talking about competition as a chip technology company and the impact of driverless technology.


Watch: Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, address the Code Conference

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, will speak at Recode's annual Code Conference on Thursday, just after noon, ET.