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With Samsung scion held in small cell, South Korea continues probe

It was an intense weekend for Jay Y. Lee as a special prosecution team in South Korea grilled the de-facto leader of Samsung for over 20 hours.


How a start-up has found a dozen treatments for rare diseases using robots

Recursion Pharmaceuticals is using machine learning and robots to better find treatments for rare diseases like sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis.


Your cell phone bill could build credit cred

Consumers without a financial history might be able to build credit using phone bills and rent payments, USA Today reports.

Source: USA Today

Verizon and T-Mobile are having the weirdest Twitter fight right now

It's every cell phone provider on Twitter for themselves, The Verge reports.

Source: The Verge

Cramer: Apple is ‘not a cell phone company’

Apple CEO Tim Cook shifted the company's narrative as a smartphone company to something else in a conference call with investors on Tuesday, CNBC's Jim Cramer said.


Cramer: Apple is ‘not a cell phone company’

"This is a company that may have the most powerful subscribers in the world with 150 million strong," Cramer says.


GM, Honda to make hydrogen bet

The joint venture will develop an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be featured in GM and Honda vehicles starting in 2020.