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Alt-coin bear market is over, but bitcoin is still the best bet: Wall Street's Tom Lee

The bear market for small-cap cryptocurrencies may be over, but bitcoin bull Tom Lee still recommends investing in big coins like bitcoin.


New tax law: Steps to cut property tax are worth effort, money after SALT cap

Lowering your property tax bill is about to get more challenging and it won't be accomplished without money and effort, USA Today has the column.

Source: USA Today

Companies you could buy with Facebook's market cap

"Squawk Box's" Joe Kernen compares Facebook's valuation to other large cap stocks.


Apple nears $1 trillion market cap

Will Power, R.W. Baird senior research analyst, weighs in on the likelihood of Apple becoming the first company to reach $1 trillion market capitalization.


ICO: Asset-based coins will eventually replace small cap stocks, says Kevin O'Leary

"Shark Tank's" Kevin O'Leary explains why he is "very excited" about initial coin offerings through "smart contracts."


FDA wants to cap nicotine levels in cigarettes

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner, discusses the agency's plans to move forward on a plan towards regulating nicotine levels in cigarettes.


Top mid-cap stock picks

Brian Macauley, Hennessy Focus Fund portfolio manager, gives his best mid-cap stock picks.


Smaller stocks could be the big winners this year as Trump pivots

Small-cap stocks could outperform their large-cap counterparts the rest of this year if President Donald Trump increases his protectionist stance on trade matters.


Look for small cap value plays, says market pro

Chris Retzler, Needham Growth Fund, and Gene Goldman, Cetera Investment Management, provide their outlook on the markets and where they are seeing investment opportunities.


Sony among IQ 100 leaders

The CNBC IQ 100 is an index tracking big-cap companies that get most of their revenue from their intellectual property. Today's leaders include Valeant Pharma, Progressive and Sony. The laggards are Boeing, Qualcomm and Teva Pharma.